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LLM 3 Business Pillars Graphic


We put our passion for connecting communities through education at the forefront of our global mission to empower educators, creators and families to discover the best in class, curated e-learning resources available online. As a trusted resource, our marketplace encourages educators to share valuable insight and experiences through online reviews, creators to turn their products into thriving business opportunities and families to give the gift of language for generations to come.


The Language Learning Market is taking action on global humanitarian needs to have a positive influence on social change by bridging language lovers and communities everywhere.

LLM Company Overview Infographic


  • The executive team is composed of entrepreneurs, community leaders and industry experts with nearly a century of experience working with global corporations to help build brand and market multi-billion dollar businesses.
  • Women owned and minority lead, LLM has a highly skilled workforce of 20+ people who are 85% women and 75% racially and ethnically diverse. They are a multinational corporation with offices in Mexico, India, Jordan and Headquarters in McKinney, Texas.
  • Language Learning Market takes a strong stance on local and global humanitarian needs. They are committed to education for all, inclusivity and doing good globally.
  • The University of Texas at Arlington has partnered with the Language Learning Market for 3 years to provide an International business Internship Program.
  • Community service is at the center of the founder, Allison Monroe’s life. Currently, she serves as the fundraising and community sponsor lead for Caldwell Elementary, a title 1 and title 3 public school in McKinney, Texas. She also serves on the Board of Directors for a refugee aid organization, the Collateral Repair Project, in Amman, Jordan.

CEO Founder’s Story - Allison Monroe

LLM CEO Allison Monroe

Ever since she was young, Allison Monroe had an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of our world and how she would fit in it. This manifested itself in travel, volunteer work, language learning, and eventually, she joined the Peace Corps in Jordan. During her time in the Middle East, Allison immersed herself in the history, culture, and language of the region. She was evacuated due to the war in Iraq and returned to the region where she worked as the only female photojournalist in Jordan and Palestine.

Upon returning home, Allison became a mother to 4 children. Determined to raise them in a multilingual home, she searched to find quality Arabic learning resources. Struggling to find quality products, Allison went to the Middle East, found the products she wanted and launched Syraj Kids in 2007, a global retail and wholesale distribution company offering fun and engaging Arabic resources. With a keen grasp of market trends, Allison was at the forefront of digital distribution and brand advertising. Within a few years, she expanded the business into digital media and launched a successful YouTube channel focused on teaching kids Arabic. The channel would eventually amass more than 1.2 million subscribers. Allison empowered dozens of business owners and content creators in the Middle East transforming their small businesses into global success stories.

A quintessential entrepreneur with a sharp eye for identifying gaps in the education market, Allison had a vision for creating the Language Learning Market — a global community that connects parents and educators looking for the best learning resources in multiple languages. Learning from her successes with Syraj, Allison scaled the business model from 1 language to 7,000 languages in a multi-vendor marketplace for buyers and sellers and industry directory for educational businesses.

Allison combined her experience building companies in Australia, Middle East
and the US, along with her expertise in the education industry to bring her vision to life.

In 2021, Allison brought on a highly experienced team to launch the Language Learning Market, an Innovation Center for the global education industry that gives micro entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to monetize their products, while being the world’s only one-stop shop for parents to find high quality language learning content.

LLM Allison Monroe Middle East

Leadership team

Allison Monroe

Allison Monroe

Founder and CEO, a quintessential entrepreneur, couldn’t find a company with the resources she wanted to teach her 4 children multiple languages. So, she started one that has since evolved into an Innovation Center for the global education industry.

Allison moved to the Middle East 6 months after 9-11 and learned Arabic in the Peace Corps. She has an International media background and was the only woman photojournalist during the war in Iraq in Jordan. She has since run businesses in Australia, USA and Jordan. Community service is at the center of Allison’s life. Currently, she serves on local and international non-profits as the fundraising and community sponsor leads. She believes community, language and communication are gifts we give our children and is committed to raising her 4 young children, as a single mother, to become trilingual, global citizens.

Hiba Hamati

Hiba Hamati

VP of Marketing, a native Arabic speaker raised in a multilingual home, learned the importance of language, not only as a tie to family and culture, but as a critical building block for future success.

Throughout her career, Hiba has successfully developed and executed strategic plans and managed projects from inception to completion while cultivating relationships rooted in deep trust and mutual respect. At LLM, Hiba devotes her time to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs tap into a quickly evolving, and growing, language learning and educational marketplace. As a visionary leader, Hiba merges her love of mentorship with the desire to make education accessible for all. It is a role she has prepared for her entire life, and one she hopes will help advance diversity and inclusion efforts both here, and abroad.

Leonor Gallegos

Leonor Gallegos

Creative Director, daughter of a renowned linguistics professor and a native Spanish speaker, inherited a love of language and learning that she is passionate about passing down to her 2 children.

In her career, Leonor is an entrepreneurial, results-driven leader who inspires contagious energy, excitement and dedication among her team while developing and executing a brand’s vision and objectives across omnichannel marketing campaigns. With over 25 years of experience delivering innovative creative solutions across global brands, her expertise in project workflow and team management, graphic design, Marketing, brand development, traffic and production are a vital contribution to the executive team.

Julian Gallegos

Julian Gallegos

Web Director, a native Spanish speaker and father of 2, understands the vital role education and language play in raising global citizens who recognize there are no boundaries to our shared humanity.

In Julian’s 25 years in web design, he spent the last 15 years playing a key role in the development of the retail global brands at Micheal’s and Neiman Marcus. Throughout his career, he has committed himself to learning a wide range of skills such as web design, front-end development, video production, UX design, photography and animation which fueled his passion for the industry. He continues to dedicate himself to building brands and bringing his wealth of skills to the executive team at Language Learning Market.