Refund & Cancellation Request Form for Store Owners

Refund / Cancellation & Fee Request Form

When a customer requests a refund or to cancel an order, the STORE OWNERS must complete this form which:
  • Notifies LLM of the customer's refund/cancelation requests status so the account can be updated.
  • Allows Store Owners to request a refund of LLM's commissions and fees from the order.

Step by Step Process

  1. Customer submits a request for refund
  2. Seller receives email request from customer
  3. Seller reviews request and approves or denies refund based on Seller's Store and Return Policies.
  4. Refund / Cancellation DENIED: 
    1. Seller notifies LLM of the denial decision in this form.
    2. LLM will notify the customer of the decision
  5. Refund / Cancellation APPROVED:
    1. Seller manually refunds the customer through Seller's Stripe Account
    2. Seller submits verification of the refund in Stripe in this form.
    3. LLM will refund the commissions and taxes collected back to Seller
    4. LLM will notify the customer of the decision

NOTE: It is the Seller's responsibility to have clear Store and Return Policies outlined for customers. Sellers are responsible for returns and resolving disputes with customers. For more details, see LLM's Terms of Use  or our Help Center.
*Sellers must fill out all applicable fields to be eligible for a refund from Language Learning Market. 

If refund/cancelation is approved, fill out ALL the remaining fields