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$66.00 $49.50
Japanese 日本語, Hiragana & Katakana, Physical Product (to Ship), Magnets

• High Quality Magnet Sets - Each set is made up of 46 unique magnets (92 magnets in total) which comprise the full Hiragana and Katakana alphabets, with the English translations and pronunciations underneath each character.

1000 item(s)

English, Physical Product (to Ship), Card Games, Magnets, Montessori Method Activities

Keep your little ones learning and spelling on the fridge when you’re busy fixing dinner in the kitchen. It’s also great for travel, since the package is magnetic! 10 multilingual activities are included, arranged from easiest to hardest to suit kids of different ages!

10 item(s)

Arabic العربية, Physical Product (to Ship), Activity Play Centers, Magnets, Stencils & Tracing

We are proud to present to you Magnetic Arabic Letters. This product is one of our most important contributions in the field of Arabic language teaching. All 170 forms are coloured the same making learner distinguish them according to their form (shape) only. The dots and hamza (glottal stop) are separate to give freedom in making words. The punctuation marks and composition are given different colours for distinguishing from the letters. It enables the learner to form words and sentences with the help of the 24 cards provided. The cards are divided into three levels (simple words - simple sentences from two words - sentences with more than two words). It is ideal for developing the Spatial and Linguistic intelligence. 325 Pieces + 24 cards + wooden storage unit

10 item(s)


ABCs and 123s scattered on the fridge door-- talk about the classic image of learning numbers and letters for the first time. The information will stick in your brain more than the magnet sticks to the metal! Great for preschoolers and elementary school kids and easy clean-up for all of you who fear the threat of markers on the wall and paint on the couch cushions.


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