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Help Center

New to the Language Learning Market? We'll help you find the resources to get started. 

Shop in our Marketplace 

Customers & Sellers: Account Management

  1. Customer Profile
    1. Customers: My Messages - How do Buyers and Sellers Communicate?
    2. Customers: Your Customer Profile
    3. Customers: How to Shop the Marketplace
  2. Shopping Cart and Checkout 
    1. Sellers: Terms and Conditions
    2. Sellers: How to Make a Tax Exempt Purchases
    3. Customers: Purchasing from Multiple Stores, Shipping & Payment Options
    4. Customers: Understanding Individual Store Policies
    5. Sellers: Understand Policies for Individual Stores
  3. Buy and Sell Internationally 
    1. Shipping Tracking Information for Customers
    2. Who Pays Custom Fees on Purchases
    3. Shopping International - Shipping Options
    4. Sellers: Set Store Terms & Conditions | Store Policies
  4. Returns and Refunds
    1. Customers: How to Cancel an Order
    2. Customers: When Can I Leave a Review or Report a Problem with an Order?
    3. Customers: How to Request a Return, Exchange or Refund
    4. Customers: Return & Refund Policy are Set by Store Owners
    5. Language Learning Market's Digital Refund, Exchanges and Refund Policy

Become a Seller 

Sellers: Physical and Digital Product Sales

  1. How to Request an Invitation to Sell in the Marketplace
    1. Sellers: Apply to Open a Store: Standards & Criteria
    2. Sellers: Request an Invitation to Open a Store
  2. How to Sell Physical Products in Detail
    1. Sellers: Managing Inventory Product Levels & Status Options
  3. How to Set-up My New Store Account
    1. Sellers: How can I create my store profile and description?
    2. Sellers: How to Write Your Shop Policy (Terms & Conditions)
    3. Sellers: Welcome to the Seller Dashboard
  4. How to Execute a Sale
    1. Sellers: Physical Products - How to Execute a Sale, Update Status & Ship Orders
    2. Sellers: Digital Products - How to Execute a Sale & Update Order Status
  5. How To Cancel a Sale
    1. Sellers: Receiving Suspicious Messages
  6. Boosting Store Traffic and Sales
    1. Linking to the Website and Social Media
  7. Customer Service Level Standards
    1. Sellers: Store Owner Responsibilities
  8. What is Language Learning Market's Seller Protection Policy
    1. Sellers: Reporting Copyright Violations
    2. Protecting Seller's Copyright & LLM's Role

Manage your Store

Sellers: How to Get Started

  1. Sellers: How to Sell in the Marketplace
    1. Sellers: Selling in the Language Learning Market 101
    2. Sellers: Who Can Open a Store? What Kind of Products are Sold?
    3. Sellers: What Countries Can Apply for a Stripe Account?
  2. Sellers: How to List Physical and Digital Products
    1. How Can I Do a Bulk Upload of My Products?
    2. Sellers Video: Understanding Feature Options and Product Details
    3. Sellers: Importance of Product Descriptions with Meta Data
    4. Sellers: Quality guidelines of resources listed on Language Learning Market?
    5. Sellers: How to Get Started – Examples of Physical Products
    6. Sellers: How to Get Started  – Examples of Digital Products
    7. Sellers: Video on How to Create a Product Listing
    8. Sellers: Content Guidelines
    9. Sellers: Best Practices for Product Listings
  3. Sellers: Setting Up Your Stripe Account
    1. Sellers: How to Create and Connect Your Stripe Account
    2. Sellers: How to Add My Company Tax ID
  4. Sellers: How to Create Thumbnails, Shipping Methods & Adding Inventory
    1. Sellers: Product Thumbnail Requirements & Style Guide
  5. Sellers: Store Branding 101
    1. Branding 101: How to Write Your Store Description
    2. Branding 101: 4 Steps to Building a Successful Brand
    3. Branding 101: Photography Tips for Taking Photos That Sell
    4. Branding 101: Why Photography Increases Sales

Sales & Finance  

Sellers: Orders, Shipping & Payments 

  1. Marketplace Sales
    1. Sellers: How to Answer Questions on Orders & Messages from Customers
    2. Sellers: How to Process an Order
    3. Customers: Contact a Store Owner About a Product
    4. Sellers: How to Contact the Customer for the First Time
  2. Shipping
    1. Sellers: How to Set up Shipping to Sell Physical Products
    2. Sellers: How to Set up FREE Shipping in Your Store
    3. Sellers: Things to Know for Calculating Shipping Costs
    4. Sellers: How to Set up Shipping Methods & Rates
    5. Sellers: Video on How to Set Up Shipping - Domestic & International
    6. Customs Information & VAT for International Shipping
    7. Sellers: How to Ship Orders and Send Tracking Information
    8. Sellers: Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping
  3. Getting Paid Using Stripe
    1. Sellers: Understanding Store Commissions and Fees
    2. Sellers: Video on How to Use Stripe to Manage Your Sales
    3. Sellers: How to Manage Earnings & Accounting
    4. Sellers: Getting Paid with Stripe
  4. Returns, Refunds & Exchanges for Sellers
    1. Sellers: How to Create a Return & Refund Policy
    2. Sellers: How to Deny a Refund, Exchange or Return
    3. Sellers: How to Process a Customer Refund
    4. Sellers: How to Cancel a Sale
    5. Sellers: Seller Fees Refund Request Form
    6. Sellers: Chargebacks to a Seller's Store
    7. Sellers: Marketplace Digital Download Return Policy
  5. Taxes
    1. Sellers: How Sales Tax Work
    2. Sellers: How VAT & GST Taxes Work
    3. Sellers: Reporting USA Income Taxes

Industry Directory   

Directory: How the Industry Directory Works

  1. Purpose of the Industry Directory
    1. Directory: How to List Your Business
    2. Directory: How to Suggest a Business Listing
    3. What is the Industry Directory of Schools and Businesses?
  2. What Kind of Businesses Can Go in the Industry Directory
    1. Directory: Who can be listed in the Directory?
  3. How to Claim Your Business in the Industry Directory
    1. Directory: How to Claim Your Business
    2. Directory: Benefits of Claiming Your Business
    3. Directory: How to Improve Your Business Listing
  4. How to Advertise in the Directory
    1. Directory: Advertising Plan Options
    2. Directory: Advertising by Channel
    3. Directory: Banner Ad Options
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Directory: Banners – Where are the different banners located on the Directory site?
    2. Directory: FAQs and Support

Advertise With Us   

Advertise Your Business with Us

  1. Social Media Channel Advertising
    1. Sellers: Advertise with Us on Facebook
    2. Sellers: Advertise with Us on Instagram
    3. Sellers: Advertise with Us on Pinterest
    4. Sellers: Advertise with Us on YouTube 
  2. Advertising in Our Directory
    1. How to Advertise Your Business in the Directory

About Us   

Sellers: Learn About the Language Learning Marketplace

  1. About Us
    1. About Us: Careers & Internships at Language Learning Market
  2. Legal 
    1. What is Language Learning Markets Advertising Endorsement Agreement?
    2. What is Language Learning Market's Advertising Agreement?
    3. What is Language Learning Market’s Endorsement Policy?
    4. Sellers: Copyright and Trademark Policy
    5. Sellers: Language Learning Market Privacy Policy
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Sellers: Stripe 101 - How Sellers Get Paid
    2. Languages Found in Language Learning Market

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