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Homely Hammock

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Homely Hammock

Homely Hammock had a strong drive to combine the power of storytelling with the Arabic alphabet. From this, the award-winning Arabic Alphabet Series was born.

We were inspired to create materials that would compete for our children’s attention. There’s no need to reach out for the common fairy tales, reach out for our Arabic Alphabet books! Why? We love how transformational stories can be. Wouldn’t the power of storytelling make the alphabet more memorable? We knew what we didn’t want and that was rote learning, drilling and memorisation. We wanted it to be fun, creative and addictive – something that children would gravitate towards and want to grab again and again.  

The plus point of writing stories is that we not only get to subtly teach the alphabet to children, but we also have the ability to weave in other elements to make the stories much richer – by including stories with universal values. Together, we embarked on our quest of intertwining the Arabic alphabet into children’s literature. 

"It is a unique spin on an Arabic alphabet board book and it will help children from an English background at learning the Arabic alphabet better... The books go through a story all the way to the end... and it's hilarious!!" (Shifa Saltagi Safadi, @Muslimmummyblog)