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Hi everyone, my name is Ivy. I am a mom to two beautiful children (age 4.5 and 2).

Before I became a full time mom, I worked as an actuary. That's lots of math, spreadsheets, and analysis. I've been a stay home mom for about 2 years now and part of the joy of motherhood is realizing new interests and skills I never knew I had, which includes making and designing learning materials for young kids.

I'm trilingual (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay) and I'm trying to raise bilingual children. For everything that I create, I ask myself, what do my kids need? What would I want them to learn? So you can be sure that these printables / learning materials are suitable for your young child too.

What does the shop name mean?
Kaya Toast is a popular breakfast in Singapore/Malaysia where I'm from. When my daughter was 1.5 years old and heard me say "kaya toast", she pointed to her toes thinking I was referring to them. It made me laugh and inspired the name behind this shop!