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KLOO Games

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KLOO Games

Play the game and speak a new language

Multi-award-winning games designer, Andrew Finan, struggled to learn languages when he was at school. He lost confidence in his ability to learn a second language and subsequently did poorly in exams. Years later, when he saw his own children struggling in the same way, he decided to create a game to make language fun and boost their confidence by helping them to make rapid and easy progress. His children loved playing the game, aced their exams and urged him to make the game available to others. He called the game KLOO.

Players learn fast

From your very first turn, players start learning and speaking a new language. Within seconds they'll be forming sentences and learning words and speaking out loud to score points. Players can start as absolute beginners. Within a single game, players are often surprised at how much they have picked up in a natural way.

Players learn easily

The game uses KLOO's unique Colorsense™ cards so that you can easily make grammatically correct sentences as soon as you start playing. Added to this, the game cleverly uses Discovery Learning so that you'll pick up new vocabulary as you play. Players often don't realize how fast they are learning until they play KLOO again. Words that previously they struggled to remember, now stick like glue!

Keep playing and you will learn hundreds of words and be able to make many thousands of sentences.

No stress. Just play and have fun!
KLOO turns language into a game. It means no work, no study, no stress. All you have to do is play and have fun and you'll pick up the language quickly and easily.

A different approach leads to a different outcome

KLOO takes a different approach and you get a different result. Thousands of teachers, schools, parents and self-learners all over the world have used KLOO to help speak a new language.

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