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Spanish Picnic Game! (Game to Learn Food Vocabulary in Spanish!)

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¡Vamos a Hacer un Picnic!

This is honestly the most efficient & fun way to teach a lot of vocabulary quickly! Students love it!

This is a fun game played with a single dice used to teach students the names of common food items in a fun, interactive way! In order to play this game, students should first be familiar with basic food vocabulary in Spanish. There are six categories and the first five include 12 food items in each:

  1. Fruits or "FRUTA"
  2. Vegetables or "VERDURA"
  3. Main Dish or "PLATO PRINCIPAL"
  4. Drink or "BEBIDA"
  5. Dessert or "POSTRE"
  6. If a player rolls a 6, he/she loses one item to the ants!


  • For the game board, choose one of two pages, (one for a smaller, paper saving option and one for a larger option). Print out enough so that you have one per player or team. Laminate for durability.
  • Print out the food cards on cardstock, (12 of each category), and cut along the lines, (pages 7-11).

For this game you will need:

  • One dice
  • Place setting, (one per player/team, small or large)
  • Food flashcards, (printed on cardstock)

How to Play...

The object of this game is to be the first to collect at least one food item from each category before the ants take something away! The first player starts by rolling the dice. For a “1”, choose a fruit, “2” a vegetable, “3” a main dish, “4” a drink, and “5” a dessert. If a player rolls a “6”, he or she loses one item to the ants! If a player already has an item from a certain category, he/she may collect another for up to 2 items per category. For a more difficult game, the players must use the correct Spanish word for each item in order to collect it. If a player does not know any of the items or says the name incorrectly, the teacher should say the correct name out loud and move on to the next player. For a more simple game, teach the Spanish word for each item that is chosen to the players as review. The first player that collects a food item from each category is the winner.

Recommended number of players or partner teams, 4-5.

Language Details

Language to Learn :
Spanish Español

Age, Grade & Skill

  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th
  • 5 to 7 Years
  • 8 to 13 years
Skill Level:
Beginner / Basic

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