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The Exodus Activity Book for Beginners

English, Hebrew, Digital Download Product, Document, Activities, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Coloring Sheets

Digital Product.


Want to teach your children a Biblical account of the Exodus? Your children will LOVE learning this famous Bible story with our Exodus Beginners’ Activity Book for kids ages 3-7. Each lesson invites children to explore the story of the Exodus through lesson plans, worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles, and crafts. 

The Exodus Activity Book for Beginners includes:

  • FIVE detailed teacher lesson plans, including Red Sea Crossing, The Ten Commandments, The Golden Calf, The Tabernacle, and Spies into Canaan
  • 88 pages of fun and engaging activities in pdf format (8.5" x 11")
  • Certificate of Award for children
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Answer key for teachers and parents
  • BONUS: An illustrated Exodus Bible story you can download for free

What's Inside?

Lesson One: Red Sea crossing

  • Connect the dots: Moses
  • Worksheet: God’s plan for Moses
  • Coloring page: Leaving Egypt…
  • Worksheet: Let’s Go!
  • Let’s learn Hebrew: matzah 
  • Color ’n trace: The king of Egypt
  • Bible activity: Dress like an Israelite 
  • Worksheet: Trace the words
  • Red Sea crossing game: Help the Israelites cross the Red Sea 
  • Worksheet: What’s in the sea?
  • Worksheet: Song of Moses

Lesson Two: The ten commandments

  • Finish the picture: Mount Sinai
  • Bible word search puzzle: Mount Sinai
  • Let’s learn Hebrew: shofar
  • Coloring page: The ten commandments 
  • Math activity: The number ten
  • Bible activity: Place the Israelites inside the tent 
  • Bible craft: Help Moses climb Mount Sinai 
  • Bible craft: The ten commandments 
  • Worksheet: Do you keep the commandments?
  • Memory verse: Honor your father and mother 
  • Puzzle: Who spoke to the Israelites?
  • Worksheet: T is for tribe

Lesson Three: The golden calf

  • Worksheet: C is for calf 
  • Labyrinth: Moses to the rescue 
  • Bible craft: The golden calf 
  • Bible activity: Aaron makes a gold calf
  • Color ’n trace: Aaron
  • Worksheet: Gold, gold, gold!
  • Worksheet: Moses’ anger
  • Worksheet: Moses burns the calf
  • Worksheet: What’s different?
  • Worksheet: Scavenger Hunt 
  • Bible flashcards: The Exodus 
  • Worksheet: What a lot of quail!
  • Worksheet: Matching pairs 

Lesson Four: The Tabernacle

  • Color ’n trace: The tabernacle
  • Complete the pattern 
  • Bible activity: Place the items inside the tabernacle 
  • Worksheet: A is for ark
  • Worksheet: Ark of the covenant
  • Bible craft: The tabernacle 
  • Alphabet worksheet: G is for gold 
  • Worksheet: Camp of Israel
  • Coloring page: God loves a cheerful giver 
  • Worksheet: The number two 
  • Worksheet: What’s my sound?
  • Worksheet: O is for olive

Lesson Five: Spies into Canaan

  • Worksheet: G is for giant
  • Worksheet: I spy! 
  • Bible coloring: Twelve tribes of Israel
  • Bible craft: Spies into Canaan 
  • Bible word search puzzle: Spies into Canaan
  • Bible craft: Spy out the land of Canaan 
  • Worksheet: Who do you trust?
  • Color ’n Trace: Fruit in the land of Canaan 
  • Labyrinth: Spies into Canaan
  • Coloring page: The promised land
  • Worksheet: Trace the words
  • Certificate of award

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8.5 x 11
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