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Flemish Audiobook Player for Kids + Headphones | Lunii - My Fabulous Storyteller | Flemish Audio Book for Kids | Flemish Audio Stories for Childrens | Audio Device

Download stories in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian…, Dialect: UK English, Canadian English; Latin American Spanish; , English, Physical Product (to Ship), Audio, Dyslexia - Dysgraphia, SPED, Learning Tablets & Devices
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Flemish Stories - AudioBook Player and Headphones for Kids

Lunii, My Fabulous Storyteller 

  1. A unique interactive screen-free and emission-free storyteller
  2. top-selling toy in France, launched Q3 2020 in the US & Canada and recognized by NPD as the new Toy trend 
  3. It comes with a preloaded album of 48 stories called Suzanne and Ben in English, French, and Spanish (3 hours of listening!) and offered in Flemish to Download!
  4. PLUS: 6 free additional bedtime stories in English, Spanish and French to download from the 
  5. Every month, Lunii offers new audio albums with multiple stories to develop children's auditory memory, imagination and vocabulary. Check out all the Flemish stories we have to download from our Luniistore! 
  6. An incredibly smart device that enables you to store 100+ albums of different languages simultaneously (~ 300 hours of listening!) 
  7. A unique concept made to foster kids’ imagination and develop their creativity 
  8. compact, lightweight and easy to carry companion that you can bring along on long trips and day-to-day routines & adventures 
  9. Lunii has its own Publishing House. We curate and launch new albums every month. 
  10. Already more than 150 audio story albums curated by passionate authors to dazzle kids' imagination, develop their vocabulary, improve their concentration, learn new languages, relax and explore the world around them! 
  11. A creative “story-maker” that empowers children to craft their own story and listen to it right away! 
  12. A fun toy that is considerate of parent’s budgets and needs to develop curious, bright and open-minded kids. 
  13. A free mobile app to record your own stories before you send them to your Storyteller. A great way for grandparents to each a fun daily routine, for children to get creative and tell their own background story as they play…. And more to invent! 

A responsible storyteller that accompanies your children as they grow, from 3 to 10 years old. My Fabulous Storyteller is Wifi-free, Screen-free, with controlled volume and curated content.


- “Fastest growing company in all categories, 2018 & 2019.” (NPD)

-  #1 Overall for All Toys in France 2020! (NPD)

-  Best seller of all TOY category on

Lunii has its own Publishing House. We curate and launch new albums every month.

Our latest audio albums: