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Mars by mar

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Mars by mar

Mars by Mar is a company that focuses on laser cutting and etching. All products are handmade and packaged with care. Each piece is meant to transform spaces and create unique experiences. I hope that through these products, memories will be made and parties will come to life.

I graduated with an industrial design degree from the Art Institute of Orange County. I love designing and creating things. I love working with my hands and seeing my designs come to life. I worked as a wedding coordinator and productions manager for over three years. I watched warehouses, ballrooms, and gardens be transformed into beautiful creations with just a little bit of work. 

Mars is a way for me to let out my creativity and love of manufacturing. I am dedicated to creating modern decor and toys for people of all ages to be inspired and create memories with. Mars is also a way for me to sponsor missionaries and for myself to go on short term missions. I want to use Mars as a tool to take God's love to the ends of the earth. 

<3 mar