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We understand why some families choose to give up after seeing and experiencing many of the challenges that parents of bilingual children face. Hence we have come up with some of the most common challenges of raising bilingual children, as well as suggestions for how to overcome them.
Don’t know how to start selling your Chinese teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 5 Chinese vendors got started!
Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. So obviously, there are a lot of benefits for your kids to learn Mandarin. However, this language is also considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. To help parents overcome difficulties while raising a bilingual child in Chinese, here are the top 10 tips in Chinese for children to learn this language.
As more and more students begin enrolling in language immersion programs outside the home, it is important for parents to find ways to support and engage in their children’s learning, even if they do not know the target language. In this video we are going to teach you how to create an immersion language learning experience at home for your children.
Here are five up-and-coming Dallas-Fort Worth startups to watch as we kick off 2022.
Meet the young companies heating up the local tech market this year.
Looking to find some fun and interesting products to learn Mandarin? These 6 fun learning resources for older kids and adults will ignite your interest!
Are you facing challenges in Arabic while raising your bilingual Arabic child? Let’s discover 10 common problems and tips for parents.
Don’t know how to start selling your Arabic teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 5 Spanish vendors got started!
These 4 fun learning resources will make the process more enjoyable!
Don't know how to start to learn Arabic? Let’s discover 12 products that will help parents create an Arabic immersion at home!
No doubt learning English is becoming more essential recently since it can bring a lot of benefits for both kids and adults. For example, if you are working at an international corporation, English is crucial to communicate with your colleagues. Let’s discover 5 fun learning resources that help you learn English much easier!

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