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Research suggests that a high-quality classroom environment can help close the achievement gap. That is, children who enter school less ready to learn are those that benefit the most from supportive classroom environments.  A supportive environment is: Well-organized: orderly, planned and safe.Dependable: a stable “home base” for children who need it.Flexible: able to adjust to meet the needs of different children.
For parents raising bilingual children, language mixing is often seen as a negative consequence of learning two languages simultaneously. Unfortunately, many families are caught up in the myths of bilingualism, believing that children become confused learning multiple languages. Consequently, it sometimes leads to them dropping a language. Ask any parent with children learning multiple languages. Most will say they have...
Lately, knowing two languages makes it easier to acquire a third. Learning a new language is a multi-stage, often multi-year process: listening to new sounds, reading new word structures, and speaking in different patterns or inflections. But the chances of adopting a third language - even unintentionally - may be better if you are exposed to different languages.

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