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At Language Lizard, we aim to inspire kids through language!  As our communities and classrooms continue to become more culturally diverse, Language Lizard remains committed to providing colorful and age-appropriate resources that inspire, encourage, and celebrate bilingual learning and cultural inclusion. Language Lizard has developed the Living in Harmony Series, three beautifully illustrated books which feature...
Children are inspired to learn languages and connect with other cultures when they are exposed to fun and creative learning materials early on in their lives. With the right resources, teachers in diverse classrooms can create culturally responsive teaching spaces so students of all backgrounds will feel welcome, respected, and included. With that in mind, Language Lizard was founded in 2005 to make creative, effective, and fun...
Hello there!  My name is Isabella and I have a little sister called Olivia. I was born in Germany in the Summer of 2017 and recently turned 4 years old. I started school for the first time. Exciting times! Was I ready for it? We have been raised multilingual since birth by our parents; a Dutch mommy and an Italo-Venezuelan daddy. As I was born in Germany, my parents searched for multilingual Dutch-Italian and German-Spanish children's...
I am a semi-crunchy, smiley, busy creator of crafts and 2 cute babies. Survivor of multiple glue gun burns and paper cuts. I have taught pre-school and after-school art and LOVE making things with littles. I specialize in felt, usually recycled eco-fi felt, to make giant quiet books to play and learn.
Wordy was started in Brooklyn by a dad who was looking for a way to introduce his daughter to letters and words. He started by labeling common objects around the house. The problem was, instead of reading the labels, she would rather peel them off and try to eat them! So...Wordy was born!  Wordy envisions a "World of Words" where children learn to love words, cultures and languages through engaging toys that fill their environment. ...
LUMUKU was started by Ryan Dean, an English teacher and artist living in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). He believes that learning is easier when it’s fun and that quality time with others is invaluable. Inspiration came from several years of experience working internationally in which play became the engine for breaking down walls, allowing for learning to take place. 
Lingo Cards is a leading global brand of playing cards. Founded in 2014 through a Kickstarter campaign by a free-spirited traveler, we have now grown into a global brand of fun and beautifully-designed travel products that are played and loved all over the world.  Headquartered in Abbey, Western Australia, the Lingo Cards brand offers uniquely-themed, premium quality playing cards with the world’s most popular languages and slangs....
I created Alaabi (meaning “My Toys”) to support parents, teachers, speech therapists, social workers (in refugee camps) and any person who wants to learn this language in their teaching/learning journey. I strive to provide enriching and high-quality material that develops children's curiosity and cognitive skills, creating an immersive environment that complements the language(s) spoken at...
Papaton Kids is a family business owned by Anna and Anton Ten. The idea came to us when at night our daughter Diana started to play with the shadows from the phone flashlight.

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