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Don't know how to start to learn Arabic? Let’s discover 12 products that will help parents create an Arabic immersion at home!
Spanish is spoken by an estimated 580 million people around the world, or 7.6% of the world’s population, with 483 million of these being native Spanish speakers according to the Instituto Cervantes latest yearbook, Spanish in the World 2019. It’s the official language of Spain and Mexico, as well as 20 other countries. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.
These are some of the best tips to raise a bilingual child. This also helps in teaching your kid in a structured way. We are aware of the fact that how difficult it can be for teaching a tender mind two languages simultaneously and that is the main reason we came across this list to help you give the most enjoyable trip to your goal of raising a bilingual kid. Hope you got some clarity after going through this list.
Don’t know where to find learning resources to learn Spanish? Here are 6 Spanish Resources which are fun for kids!
Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says it's “raining cats and dogs” or refers to someone as “under the weather”?  These sayings, better known as idioms, are an expression, word, or phrase that says one thing literally but mean something else. Every culture has thousands of idioms that are rooted in history and are unique to their culture. Without knowledge of local idioms, effective communication can be more difficult as...
Feeling overwhelmed on how to start teaching your children Spanish at home? Here are fifteen products to start creating a Spanish immersion experience!
Language learners around the world are buying premium educational resources on our Marketplace. Sell your digital language learning resources as well as educational products in our Marketplace and turn your love of language into a profitable business. You’ll be part of a community that cares about your career success, offering you tools to maximize your income! Teachers, store owners, educational businesses and anyone interested in sharing...
Raising bilingual Spanish children comes with both benefits and challenges. Let’s at 10 common problems to overcome while teaching your bilingual child in Spanish and some tips for parents.
“I love dessert!” And, honestly, who doesn’t? Regardless of where someone is from and what language they speak, everyone enjoys good food, especially a delicious dessert! From decadent Cannolis to symbolic Dasik’s, desserts are grounded in tradition and play a central role in many of life’s sweetest moments. 
The ABCs of Tamil for Kids has only one goal – to make learning Tamil easy and fun for every child for generations to come. It is amazing to see how Tamil families have traveled and made a mark in all parts of the world. However, there lies the struggle of teaching the next generation our language. In our busy world, this really has turned into a stressful and challenging task.
Maëlle is passionate about the imaginary: tales, legends and myths. She studied Design at Strate university where she specialised in innovation and interaction. She then went on studying a training in entrepreneurship at ESCP Paris. Today, she builds Lunii's global identity: the vision, values, the choice of new projects, the type of management, the role and position of Lunii as a company... 
At Language Lizard, we aim to inspire kids through language!  As our communities and classrooms continue to become more culturally diverse, Language Lizard remains committed to providing colorful and age-appropriate resources that inspire, encourage, and celebrate bilingual learning and cultural inclusion. Language Lizard has developed the Living in Harmony Series, three beautifully illustrated books which feature...

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