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Best Websites to Learn Arabic

Online Arabic Resources

There are millions of websites around the world that say they want to help you learn Arabic, but which ones are the best? This is a list of some of the most innovative and helpful websites that can aid you on your quest to speak Arabic!

1. Ahlan World


If you are looking for a more structured learning experience, then Ahlan World may be for you. They offer numerous courses that help you learn not only the Modern Standard Arabic, but also the Colloquial. Flexible, informative, and professional, you can expect high quality activities and classes, and even opportunities to learn abroad!


2. Al Jazeera | Learning Arabic


Learning Arabic with Al-Jazeera is a wonderful resource for learners from across all proficiency levels. Their activities range from simple videos with questions, to new blurbs where you can get real hands-on experience with listening to and understanding Arabic. With a stylish yet functional website, I really cannot recommend this resource enough.


This is, to put it simply, a classic on how to learn Arabic. These textbooks and online resources are far and away the most common to find at the University level. Professors trust Al-Kitaab, and so should you. From learning the Arabic alphabet to learning the Arabic language as a whole, this resource will guide you and serve as the bedrock to your quest.


3. Arabic Seeds

From Arabic Alphabet Charts to penmanship exercises, Arabic Seeds is your one stop shop to practicing resources. Learning Arabic can take a lot more work than is made available in some textbooks, and the good folks here are ready to help you get that extra practice in to make your Arabic shine!


4. Ashabona


Learning Arabic is about more than just learning to read the Arabic Alphabet and pronounce خ correctly. Indeed, knowing about the Arab World is just as important to communicating effectively. Look no further than Ashabona! You can learn all about Geography and Culture with a wide range of activities, both for kids and adults!


5. Aswaat Arabiyya | "Arabic Voices" for Learning Arabic Language


You may be able to read Arabic script, write essays and letters, and even short stories, but learning to listen to Arabic and comprehend what is being said is another skill entirely. If you want to practice flexing those ear muscles, then you have found the resource. Aswaat Arabiyya also offers samples in every dialect you can think of, and probably more!


6. Daradam | Play and Learn Arabic


If you’re a parent looking to teach your child Arabic or looking for an Arabic learning resource specifically for children, then Dardam by Alaabi is for you. They offer Arabic toys, cards, and many other sleek and cool things for your child.


7. Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Egyptian is one of the most widely understood dialects in the Arabic language, not to mention how large the country of Egypt itself is. If you are interested in the land of the pyramids, then sinking your teeth into the local language with Egyptian Arabic Diaries is a good place to start!


8. GetQuranic | Learn Quran and Arabic


There are many reasons to want to learn Arabic, but a desire to dive into the Holy Quran is a popular one. GetQuranic is an ideal resource for the end, and their simple to understand yet informative resources are a great starting point!


9. I Read Arabic | A Holistic Approach to Arabic Language Learning


This is another resource in the same vein as Al-Kitaab or Ahlan World. A more sweeping all-encompassing online curriculum that serves as an anchor point that some of the other resources we talked about here can add to.


You can find all these resources and more at the Language Learning Marketplace’s Directory. We offer a list curated selected and curated by the most tasteful of eyes for your benefit!