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5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn English

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn English

No doubt learning English is becoming more essential recently since it can bring a lot of benefits for both kids and adults. For example, if you are working at an international corporation, English is crucial to communicate with your colleagues. Let’s discover 5 fun learning resources that help you learn English much easier!

American English Slang Playing Cards

If you are bored with your English learning, hang out with your friends and play these English card games from Lingo. The set functions as a standard deck of cards with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers, but what makes these cards special is that on each card is printed the most commonly used American slang phrase with phonetic pronunciations. You can boost your vocabulary about traveling and learn to speak like a native. 

There are several ways to play and learn with these playing cards. Kids can use them as  flashcards, families can enjoy playing card games together, or adults can have fun with them with friends. Easy to learn and fun to play with!

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn English - Language Learning Market

Printable Vocabulary Game

Involving some activity games in your learning process will make things much easier. This vocabulary game is suitable for English learning for beginners. Players describe the 8 words on their card in teams or partners until their teammates identify them. The team that correctly names all of the terms first (or in the shortest amount of time) wins. The digital download includes all of the rules.

This is fun for parties and team-building sessions. Or a whole family can play this game during family outings to support their kids’ learning process.

English Language Learning Stickers

If you are finding a way to learn English for beginners, these stickers are for you! Simply placing your language learning labels about your house or office, you will learn 132 of the most important English terms in no time. It's a simple approach to picking up a new language. One English term about households and objects and an icon are included on each sticker.

With these stickers, you can create an immersive experience at home or office, which will help you practice your English daily. It is perfect for both kids and adults to learn or refresh their English.

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn English - Language Learning Market

English Educational Poster

For most English learners, memorizing irregular verbs is one of the most difficult parts of language learning. But with this English poster, it can be a game-changer! Several irregular verbs are organized due to alphabetical order. The design is colorful so it is suitable for decorating your kids’ bedroom or your office

The item is digital so you can easily print it out to hang in your living or workspace. No need to learn these irregular verbs by heart. Just put this poster anywhere that is visible so you can learn English daily and effortlessly.

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn English - Language Learning Market

English Keyboard

Both adults and kids engage with computers nowadays. With this English Keyboard, you can learn the English alphabet and how to type in English without any effort. It also maintains the key locations in the standard key layout so you don't have to remember a new keyboard layout. 

The keyboard is guaranteed to work right out of the box, with long-lasting reliability. It is durable, responsive and suitable for learning English for beginners.

We hope that our suggestions will make your learning experience more enjoyable! Are you looking for more entertaining English resources? Check out Language Learning Market!