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5 Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn French

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn French

Looking to find some fun and interesting products to learn French? These 6 fun learning resources for older kids and adults will ignite your interest!

French Language Learning Stickers

Are you too preoccupied with your work to study French? Simply sticking your language learning labels about your house or business, you will be able to learn 132 of the most important terms in no time. All stickers are bilingual, with one French keyword and an English translation. Furthermore, the different French articles are color-coded for these introductory French terms.

All stickers are printed on a unique high-resistance foil, are easily removed, and leave no sticky residue behind. You can hang them in your office or use them to adorn your children's rooms. If you're looking for a fun and engaging approach to learn French for beginners, these French language learning stickers are perfect!

French Language Game - Kiddi Game

One way to motivate yourself to learn French is to do it with your friends. This French card game from Kiddi will help you. The goal of the game is simple: the first player to run out of cards in their hands wins. To do so, the player must establish a link between the previous participant's card and one of the cards in their hand. To communicate and explain it, the player must employ the magical formula "Kiddi." The other participants will decide whether or not this link is suitable. Cataclysm cards give diversity to the game during the contest.

Kiddi develops numerous language acquisition skills, including speaking, arranging your speech, and promoting pre-reading habits, in addition to the ability to draw connections. It's a basic game that promotes healthy social skills such as accepting joint decisions, taking turns, and critical thinking. Kiddi promotes the growth of executive functions as well as creativity.

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn French - Language Learning Market

French Playing Cards

Another card game for you to choose is this set from Lingo. What’s interesting about this item is that it functions as both a standard deck of cards with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers AND bilingual flashcards! On each card, different common French phrases about traveling are printed with their phonetic pronunciations.

You can play cards in family outings to help your children learn Mandarin or have fun playing with your friends. You can also create different French games from the product such as Poker, Black Jack, Spoons, Rummy, Go Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Solitaire, which are suitable for all ages.

KLOO's French Board Game

Educational games are a fun method to make learning more enjoyable for your children. You can learn many words about Eating & Drinking and Travel & Places with these French Board Games from KLOO. Your children will learn how to build tens of thousands of French phrases from hundreds of French words written on the cards in each game pack, which includes up to 5 excellent card games.

With French Board Games from KLOO, French learning is no longer frustrating. Instead, your children can play with their friends or families and pick up French in a natural way.

5 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn French - Language Learning Market

French Flashcards - Travelflips

If you're seeking French flashcards, look no further than Travelflips' bilingual flashcards. Each card, based on the topic of travel, describes a word or phrase that can help learners effectively communicate with locals, giving them the greatest possible start on their journey. Learners can also learn 5 amazing real proverbs or slang terms to converse with native speakers using Travelflips flashcards.

Each box has 60 flashcards with a double-sided design to provide phonetic pronunciation and English translation. The product also includes a simple guideline for learning French for beginners.

Hope that our recommendations for fun learning resources can help your kids learn Spanish in an easy and enjoyable way! Looking for more fun Spanish products? Check out can also check out Language Learning Market.