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6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Chinese

6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Chinese

Looking to find some fun and interesting products to learn Mandarin? These 6 fun learning resources for older kids and adults will ignite your interest!

Mandarin playing cards

One way to motivate yourself to learn Chinese is to do it with your friends. This Chinese card game from Lingo will make your learning process more enjoyable. What’s interesting about this item is that it functions as both a standard deck of cards with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers AND bilingual flashcards! On each card, different common Chinese phrases about traveling are printed with their phonetic pronunciations. 

6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Chinese - Language Learning Market

You can play cards in family outings to help your children learn Mandarin or have fun playing with your friends. You can also create different Chinese games from the product such as Poker, Black Jack, Spoons, Rummy, Go Fish, Memory, Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Solitaire, which are suitable for all ages.

Chinese Language Learning Stickers

Are you too busy to learn Mandarin? These Chinese stickers will help you learn 132 of the most important words in no time -- just by placing your language learning labels around your home or office. All stickers are bilingual with an English translation beside one Chinese keyword (in simplified characters), an icon, a Pinyin transcription. Moreover, these Chinese words for beginners are color-coded for the different Chinese tones.

All stickers are printed on a special high-resistance foil, are easily removable, and do not leave any sticky residue. You can stick them around your workplaces or use them to decorate your kids’ bedrooms. If you are looking for an easy and immersive way of learning Chinese for beginners, these Chinese language learning stickers are just the thing for you!

Chinese English Keyboard

Both adults and kids engage with computers nowadays. With this Chinese English Keyboard, you can learn the Mandarin alphabet and how to type in Chinese without any effort. It also maintains the key locations in the standard key layout so you don't have to remember a new keyboard layout. 

The keyboard is guaranteed to work right out of the box, with long-lasting reliability. It is durable, responsive and suitable for learning Chinese for beginners.

Chinese Mandarin Flashcards

If you're seeking Chinese flashcards, look no further than Travelflips' bilingual flashcards! Each card, based on the topic of travel, describes a word or phrase that can help learners effectively communicate with locals, giving them the greatest possible start on their journeys. Learners can also learn 5 amazing real proverbs or slang terms to converse with native speakers using Travelflips flashcards.

Each box contains 60 double-sided flashcards with the phonetic pronunciation and English translation. The content of all flashcards is appropriate for all ages. If you can read you can flip!

6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Chinese - Language Learning Market

Chinese 3-Part Montessori Cards

Another choice for Chinese flashcards is these printable Montessori cards. With these Chinese resources, learners can expand their vocabulary about the human body. Each card includes one picture of a part of the body and Chinese words. The set is printable so you can easily download and print it out to hang around your home or your office. It is perfect for home, school, homeschool, home-based learning and more!

Chinese keyboard stickers

Do you want to have a Chinese keyboard without getting rid of the one you’re currently using? These clear Chinese keyboard stickers will solve this problem. With this item, you can learn the Chinese alphabet on a daily basis. Furthermore, for individuals working in bilingual environments, these stickers can convert your English keyboard to a Chinese keyboard quickly.

You don't have to worry about damaging your keyboard by sticking the stickers on it. They will not shred, shatter, discolor, or slip off even after years of use. To avoid rubbing or scratching off during normal use, all printing is on the reverse side (i.e., underside) of the overlay.

Hope our recommendation can make your learning process more enjoyable! Looking for more fun Chinese resources? Check out Language Learning Market!