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Best Tools for Teach Children French (0-2 years)

How to Begin to Teach Young Children French

Bilingualism is a gift that so many parents want to start giving their children as soon as possible. If you want to begin teaching your newborn French, the best way is to start introducing them to French. The introduction process can be as simple to hearing you speak in French to you reading them French picture books! The goal is just to get started as soon as you can. If you are looking for some guidance to begin this process, keep reading!


1.     French Videos


One of the best ways to start immersing your child into the French language is showing them French language learning videos meant for newborns up to two years old. Little Pim offers a French video library that is perfect to start introducing French to your child! Their videos engage a child’s natural love of play and learning through repetition. The more they watch, the more they learn.


2.     French Children’s Books


If you prefer hardcopies of books rather than digital videos, than consider this set of French children’s books from Star Bright Books! With these books, you can read your child a French story and keep them engaged with the illustrations. Similarly, to the French videos, reading in French aloud to your child is a great way for them to be exposed to French. Their books are bilingual English and French so your child can be introduced to English and French at the same time!


3.     French Alphabet Posters


One of the first things you learn when learning a new language is the alphabet. That is no different for newborns and toddlers learning French. This French alphabet poster is colorful and could be a great French wall decoration for your child to see every day! Repetition is amazing for young children learning a new language so looking at the French alphabet and reading the alphabet to them out loud every day is very beneficial.


Whether you want to use a French alphabet poster, French videos, or French children’s books, the two most important things are getting started and being consistent! If you are consistently exposing the French language to your child, you will get results! It will take time because of their young age but when you see your bilingual child in the future being able to communicate in French and English, it will all be worth it.