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Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Arabic

Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Arabic

These 4 fun learning resources will make the process fun and enjoyable!

Coloring book

This coloring book is for you if you're looking for Arabic materials to assist your children to learn the letters in Arabic. This book is filled with the exquisite art of the Arabic script, along with letter transliteration. While playing with colors, your children will become acquainted with Arabic letters.

Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Arabic - Language Learning Market

Not only for kids, but adults can also benefit from coloring. Coloring is believed to relieve fear and promote mindfulness and silence, allowing your mind to relax after a long day at work. What a beautiful and educational way to relax and unwind!

There are 28 pages in the Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book. Both parents and kids can enjoy coloring together and learn the Alphabet effortlessly.

Alphabet poster

Are you looking for Arabic learning resources for beginners?  These educational posters from Assalamuallaikum, Kalandara are an ideal option. With the topic of the Arabic alphabet, posters can help children recognize the letters. There are 3 different designs which are pastel, geometry, and nature so that parents can choose a suitable poster to decorate their kids’ bedroom, hang it over a desk,or display in a home office. Moreover, the posters are made from waterproof canvas so it is easy to clean and more durable.

Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Arabic - Language Learning Market

Assalamuallaikum, Kalandara is an Indonesian Islamic creative company based in Bandung. Their main goal is to instill a passion for Islam in youngsters from an early age. You can also check out their fun learning kits, novels, and children's clothing.

Keyboard stickers

With the demand for e-learning, many children are engaging in using computers every day. These transparent Arabic keyboard stickers will help with practicing the Arabic alphabet every day. In addition, with adults who are working in bilingual works, these stickers can change your English keyboard to an Arabic one in a second. 

You can easily stick the stickers on your keyboard without being afraid of damaging the keyboard. Even after years of use, they will not tear, break, discolor, or slip off. Overlays can be removed without harming the original key or the legend on the key if desired. All printing is on the reverse side (i.e., beneath) of the overlay so that it does not rub or scratch off during typical use.

White lettering in black, opaque, and non-transparent forms is offered on the stickers. You should clean the keyboard first before adding the stickers to ensure long-term use.

Wooden Memory Game

Trying to memorize vocabulary in a new language can often be troublesome. This game from ARABICITY can help every beginner make their way. With the theme of Arab architectural heritage, learners will be able to expand their vocabulary and use their knowledge to describe architectural structures. This educational game gives learners the motivation to discover more about the beauty and richness of Arabic millenary art.

A set includes 24 thick wooden cards representing 12 illustrations which are designed by the young Tunisian illustrator and comic strip artist Noha Habaieb. Besides providing an instruction sheet in English and Arabic, the product also provides a sheet in French.

Fun Resources to Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Arabic - Language Learning Market

Hope our recommendation can make your kids’ learning process more enjoyable! You can also check out Language Learning Market for more Arabic resources.