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6 Fun Resources To Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Spanish

6 Fun Resources To Help Older Kids and Adults Learn Spanish

Don’t know where to find learning resources to learn Spanish? Here are 6 Spanish Resources which are fun for older kids and adults. 

Language Learning Flashcards

If you are looking for Spanish flashcards, these bilingual flashcards from Travelflips are for you. With the theme of traveling, each card describes a word or a phrase that helps learners confidently speak with locals, giving the best head start to the voyage. Especially, with Travelflips flashcards, learners can also learn 5 great authentic proverbs or slang words to communicate with native speakers.

Each box has 60 flashcards with a double-sided design to provide phonetic pronunciation and English translation. The product also includes a simple guideline for learning Spanish for beginners.

6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Spanish - Language Learning Market

Playing cards

Are you looking for educational resources which are also fun to play with friends and family? The Spanish Playing Cards from Lingo will satisfy you! Each set functions like a standard deck of cards in a sturdy travel tin case with 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers. On each card, you will find a phrase in both English and Spanish, accompanied by easy-to-learn pronunciation.

Combining both the fun of playing cards mechanics with flashcards, your children can learn 54 most commonly used Spanish phrases about accommodation, friends, moving around, colors & numbers, eating out, and handy communication phrases. A fun way to pick up Spanish while playing cards!

Language Learning Stickers

The best way to learn Spanish, as with any language, is by total immersion. With these Spanish Language Learning Stickers, your kids can start learning Spanish at home. Each pack has 132 labels describing the most common Spanish words. Each sticker includes one Spanish keyword, an icon, and an English translation and is color-coded for the different Spanish articles.

You can place these stickers on everything at your home to help your children enhance their vocabulary foundation with little effort!

Spanish Board Games

Educational games are a fun way to help your kids enjoy the learning process. With these Spanish Board Games from KLOO, you can learn various vocabularies about Eating & Drinking and Travel & Places. In each game pack, your children can enjoy up to 5 great card games and learn how to make tens of thousands of Spanish sentences from hundreds of Spanish words that are written on the cards.

With Spanish Board Games from KLOO, Spanish learning is no longer frustrating. Instead, your children can play with their friends or families and pick up Spanish in a natural way.

6 Fun resources to help Older Kids and Adults learn Spanish - Language Learning Market

Bingo Bilingual Printable Games

Are you looking for activity games that the whole family can enjoy while your kids can pick up Spanish? These bilingual Spanish - English printable games from Forest Bingo are for you. The set includes 20 different BINGO cards with the theme of forest and animals. In addition, you can get 2 Forest 10-Frames for math activities. Playing games - learning Spanish - practicing Math, all at the same time! The product is digital so you can easily print it out..

Spanish Games

Doing educational worksheets might be boring sometimes but with these Printable Vocabulary Game sheets from Scattegories, the learning process will be more enjoyable. The digital download includes the instruction sheet and 6 more sheets/play cards with different categories, increasing in difficulty page by page. 

Scattegories Vocabulary Game will help your kids strengthen their lexical resources while having a fun time with families.

Hope that our recommendations for fun learning resources can help your kids learn Spanish in an easy and enjoyable way! Looking for more fun Spanish products? Let's check out Language Learning Market.