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How to Sell Your Arabic Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom

How to Sell Your Arabic Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom

On our Marketplace, language learners from all around the world can purchase top educational resources. Moreover, you can sell your digital language learning tools as well as educational items and turn your passion for languages into a profitable business. You'll be a member of a community that cares about your professional success, providing you with tools to help you increase your earnings! Teachers, store owners, educational businesses, and anyone interested in sharing their learning can become a seller on Language Learning Market. Just from a little idea, you can start your own business, generate additional income and do something different! 

Don’t know how to start selling your Arabic teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 5 Arabic vendors got started!

Kalandara Goods

Starting with creating learning resources with your own lovely designs like what KalandaraGoods is doing is a great idea. Kalandara is an Indonesian Islamic creative company based in Bandung with a goal to instill a passion for Islam in youngsters from an early age. 

There are a lot of learning resources you can find from this shop such as Arabic Alphabet Canvas Poster, Coloring books, etc. If you are interested in illustration and art, designing your own Arabic learning materials and then selling them will be a good way to start!

How to Sell Your Arabic Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom - Language Learning Market

The Multilingual Home

Are you writing a blog about language learning and looking to start a business from it? Let’s see how the Multilingual Home does this. The Multilingual Home began as a blog where they shared their experiences parenting multilingual and multicultural children in six languages as well as language learning advice, book reviews, etc. During the process of raising bilingual children, they found out that their own printable teaching resources helped their kids enjoy learning a lot. So they decided to share the materials and The Multilingual Home was founded!

The Multilingual Home provides parents with different attractive Arabic learning materials such as Arabic Alphabet and Number Activity Pack, Arabic Basic Vocabulary Activity, Arabic Alphabet Letters, etc. Already making great educational materials for your homeschool curriculum or for your classroom? Become a Seller on the Language Learning Market and put your great products in front of parents and educators!

How to Sell Your Arabic Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom - Language Learning Market


Arabic with Nichole

Arabic with Nichole focuses on minimal designs but the products can include endless possibilities for use and play.

You can check out their Arabic Alphabet Puzzles. The puzzles in Arabic will help learners know how to identify all forms of Arabic letters. There are 28 puzzles, each containing 3 pieces to match the beginning, middle, and end of each Arabic letter. Each image printed on the puzzle begins with the related Arabic letter. The design is very simple but parents can create several activities to enjoy the learning process with their children. Simple but versatile, this is an interesting business model that’s definitely worth a look.

Crafts by Seda

Flashcards and posters are the most common learning resources that parents and teachers are looking for when teaching children Arabic. Start with these simple and effective products, like the ones Crafts by Seda created. They chose their patterns, papers, and materials with care to ensure that their products are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly.

Crafts by Seda provides a lot of Arabic educational materials such as Counting flashcards with objects 1 to 20, Shapes and colors flashcards, Vehicles flashcards, etc. Most of their products are multilingual, including Arabic and English. Crafts by Seda also has very cute designs to appeal to young learners and make the learning process more enjoyable.

How to Sell Your Arabic Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom - Language Learning Market

Here are our stories of how to start selling Arabic teaching resources for home and classroom from our partners. Interested in joining the Language Learning Market? Learn more about How to Become a Seller to start selling your educational resources anywhere on the planet!