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How to Sell Your French Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom?

How to Sell Your French Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom?

Language learners around the world are buying premium educational resources on our Marketplace. Sell your digital language learning resources as well as educational products in our Marketplace and turn your love of language into a profitable business. You’ll be part of a community that cares about your career success, offering you tools to maximize your income! Teachers, store owners, educational businesses and anyone interested in sharing their learning can become a seller on Language Learning Market. Just from a little idea, you can start your own business, generate additional income and do something different!


Don’t know how to start selling your French teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 7 French vendors got started!


If you don’t know how to start selling your teaching resources, start with simple and sell downloadable and printable French educational materials! This is what AnimadPrintables is doing. The vendor sells educational cards, charts, coloring pages, wall art, and other printable material for kids, in several languages! You can find colors flashcards, profession posters, emotions & feelings posters, and more at AnimadPrintables.

How to Sell Your French Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom? - Language Learning Market

Nudgies Flashcards

Flashcards are always one of the most critical educational resources so starting with creating your own flashcards is a great idea. This is what Nudgies is doing. Nudgies Flashcards will support and enhance your play by providing vocabulary and sentences to use every day. There are several topics that Nudgies creates such as human body, household, and more. The design is colorful and appealing which makes Nudgies Flashcards attract more and more buyers. If you don’t know how to start your business, Nudgies will be a great example!

The Multilingual Home

Are you writing a blog about language learning and looking to start a business from it? Let’s see how the Multilingual Home does this. The Multilingual Home began as a blog where they shared their experiences parenting multilingual and multicultural children in six languages as well as language learning advice, book reviews, etc. During the process of raising bilingual children, they found out that their own printable teaching resources helped their kids enjoy learning a lot. So they decided to share the materials and The Multilingual Home was founded!

The Multilingual Home provides parents with different attractive French learning materials such as Bilingual Human Body Memory Game, French Basic Vocabulary Activity Set, etc. Already making great educational materials for your homeschool curriculum or for your classroom? Become a Seller on the Language Learning Market and put your great products in front of parents and educators!

Fili & Flora

Here is a story about a teacher who quit her job and started her own business. Maddy, the founder of Fili & Flora, was a language instructor before launching her own company and designing the cutest flashcards to make home studying a little bit brighter and a lot more enjoyable! Maddy attempts to make the design as adorable and encouraging as possible.

You can find a lot of learning resources at Fili & Flora such as counting flashcards, alphabet flashcards, or shape flashcards.

Bebe Bilingual

Inspiration to create teaching resources can come from everything. For example, the owner of Bebe Bilingual creates learning materials that are inspired by the love for travel and culture. Bebe Bilingual is a collection of educational art introducing language and culture to children. These products teach colors, numbers, animals, and food in French and other languages. What is more, you can make a customized order to have your own unique learning items.

How to Sell Your French Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom? - Language Learning Market

You can find digital download flashcards, posters, placemats, and more at Bebe Bilingual stores.

Here are our stories of how to start selling French teaching resources for home and classroom from our partners. Interested in joining Language Learning Market? Learn more about How to Become a Seller to start selling your educational resources anywhere on the planet!