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How to Sell Your Mandarin Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom?

How to Sell Your Mandarin Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom?

On our Marketplace, language learners from all around the world can purchase top educational resources. Moreover, you can sell your digital language learning tools as well as educational items and turn your passion for languages into a profitable business. You'll be a member of a community that cares about your professional success, providing you with tools to help you increase your earnings! Teachers, store owners, educational businesses, and anyone interested in sharing their learning can become a seller on Language Learning Market. Just from a little idea, you can start your own business, generate additional income and do something different!


Don’t know how to start selling your Chinese teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 5 Chinese vendors got started!


One of the must-have items for a language learner is flashcards. If you don’t know how to start selling your learning resources, you can always start by converting your existing educational resources into flashcards. Lingaroo is a vendor who got started making Chinese flashcards.

The owner is Michelle who was born in the United States and is a first-generation Chinese American. It was crucial for her to teach her children Chinese language and culture. She struggled to find Chinese teaching resources for bilingual children. So she decided to make her own Mandarin learning materials. In 2020, Lingaroo flashcards were born and designed to be a fun and engaging approach for children to learn Chinese.


Not only teachers, but everyone can also start selling teaching resources. Let’s hear the story of Ivy who first was an actuary and then became a vendor at Language Learning Market. 

Ivy worked as an actuary before becoming a full-time mother. She has been a stay-at-home mom for almost two years. During this time, she discovered new interests and skills --developing and designing learning materials for young children.

Ivy speaks three languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay), and attempts to raise her children to be bilingual. She questions herself, "What do my kids need?" before she makes anything. As a result, Kayatoes’ Mandarin teaching materials are very practical and suitable for kids such as Chinese emotion flashcards and Chinese Action Verbs.

Spark Collection

Writing bilingual books is also a great way to start your business. This is how Spark Collection begins. Spark Collection creates bilingual books and toys to encourage families to learn languages and cultures in a fun and engaging way.

Spark Collection’s Kickstarter project, which was launched in Summer 2021 and reached 220 percent of its goal in two days, was picked as a “Kickstarter Project We Love” and was fully funded in two days! You can see that children’s stories can also be an excellent idea for starting a business.

How to Sell Your Mandarin Teaching Resources for Home & Classroom? - Language Learning Market

Machi Playroom

Applying technology in Mandarin teaching can be a unique idea for a language business. Machi Playroom does just that. Machi Playroom was formed by first-generation Chinese Americans who grew up bilingual and wished to pass their language skills down to future generations. Their products such as Machi Blocks, are designed to be utilized with app-based software to enhance the learning process and are inspired by iconic toys from childhood. Machi Playroom is distinguished by its seamless integration of familiar toys and high-tech apps.

Here are our stories of how to start selling Chinese teaching resources for home and classroom from our partners. Interested in joining the Language Learning Market? Learn more about How to Become a Seller to start selling your educational resources anywhere on the planet!