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How to Sell Your Spanish Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom

How to Sell Your Spanish Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom

Language learners around the world are buying premium educational resources on our Marketplace. Sell your digital language learning resources as well as educational products in our Marketplace and turn your love of language into a profitable business. You’ll be part of a community that cares about your career success, offering you tools to maximize your income! Teachers, store owners, educational businesses and anyone interested in sharing their learning can become a seller on Language Learning Market. Just from a little idea, you can start your own business, generate additional income and do something different!


Don’t know how to start selling your Spanish teaching resources or looking for inspiration? Let’s discover how these 7 Spanish vendors got started!

Art by Emily Skinner

Starting from creating homeschooling resources for her children, Emily Skinner decided to open her shop to sell Spanish educational materials. Graduating from The Royal College of Art, Emily has had years of experience designing publications for children including educational and picture books before starting creating illustrations and paintings to decorate her children’s bedrooms. With her works, Emily sold them at local craft fairs, and then she opened her online shop.

Art by Emily Skinner focuses on printable Spanish teaching resources for homeschooling such as Spanish Language Animal PostersAlphabet Printed PostersNumbers Posters, etc.


Studying pedagogy, Lim would like to raise bilingual children speaking English and Koren. While making her learning resources, Lim realized that she can make materials for children receiving other bilingual or other language education! From there, Lim has started her online shop, selling other language education materials along with bilingual education posters and English education posters.

CcanmiStore provides learners with a lot of printable learning resources such as Spanish Educational Poster SetSpanish Alphabet Poster set, and other Spanish learning material.

How to Sell Your Spanish Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom - Language Learning Market

Em Is Crafty

Em Is Crafty is an example of how little things in daily life can become a great business idea! As a mother, the owner of Em Is Crafty realized that felt can be used to create interesting educational resources. Since felt can stick to felt so nice, she decided to make the felt walls for her children to play with. They can stick pieces up and tear them down or turn abstract felt shapes into elaborate art and shapes. 

With this idea, Em Is Crafty makes a lot of felt walls with different themes such as alphabet, world maps, or ocean animals in Spanish to help learners enhance their vocabulary foundation.

Español en casa

If you are looking for a way to sell your Spanish teaching resources, try to sell them in a study pack like what Español en casa are doing. 

Español en Casa is a vendor that specializes in Spanish immersion materials that are fun and participatory. Its goods are suitable from preschool to middle school. STEAM discoverypositive parentingdevelopment mindset, and cultural understanding are all part of Español en Casa's focus.

Our Bilingual Family

Start simple and sell downloadable and printable Spanish educational materials! Our Bilingual Family provides several Spanish learning resources such as Bilingual Activity PacksBilingual Alphabet FlashcardsBilingual Posters Sets, etc.

Selling digital products like what Our Bilingual Family is doing is believed to be a more convenient and easier beginning for selling educational resources.

How to Sell Your Spanish Teaching Resources for Home and Classroom - Language Learning Market

The Artists Family

The owner of The Artist Family is a mother of 2 kids. She loves drawing watercolor pictures for her children and she realized that children react actively to beauty. So that is why she decided to create watercolor educational posters. Over 2 years, she has drawn over 400 pictures and her husband has helped to digitalize these posters. 

The Artist Family provides beautiful Spanish educational posters with different themes such as animals, fruits, plants, food, shapes, numbers, etc. Every poster is drawn by the owner before being digitalized so that you can easily buy and print it out.

Montessori & Multilingual 

Montessori & Multilingual starts with Erika, who spent most of her 20s as a graphic designer for a small firm before becoming a Chicago public school elementary teacher for 8 years. When Erika left the classroom to start her family, and once her eldest daughter was born in 2018, she gravitated towards Montessori homeschooling. Erika wanted to include Spanish and Russian in her home for her three girls through books, music, and play because they live in a multilingual household (her husband is Ukrainian and speaks Russian). She also decided to create Spanish teaching resources.

Montessori & Multilingual provides original watercolor printables for multilingual learning to help children enjoy the learning process at home.

Here are our stories of how to start selling Spanish teaching resources for home and classroom from our partners. Interested in joining Language Learning Market? Learn more about How to Become a Seller to start selling your educational resources anywhere on the planet!