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Introducing Language Lizard’s Idiom Book Series

Seller Spotlight

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says it's “raining cats and dogs” or refers to someone as “under the weather”? 

These sayings, better known as idioms, are an expression, word, or phrase that says one thing literally but mean something else. Every culture has thousands of idioms that are rooted in history and are unique to their culture. Without knowledge of local idioms, effective communication can be more difficult as much of today’s casual conversation can occur through the use of idioms. This is especially true for those learning a second language, adult English learners, and students with special needs. 

The playful video, Busy Bee & Friends Learn Idioms: A Tale of Language Lizard’s Idiom Books introduces readers to the book series which explains common English idioms through animals, colors, food, and nature, making them fun and easy to understand. The series, set in diverse locations around the world, includes The Lion’s Share: Animal Idioms, With Flying Colors: Color Idioms, Icing on the Cake: Food Idioms, and Fresh As A Daisy: Nature Idioms

Each title is available as an English-only or bilingual book in many different languages which offers the meaning and literal translation of each idiom in a second language to support English language learners. Each book includes bonus material such as audio of the book, lesson plans, fun idiom activities, and more to promote culturally responsive teaching and language learning.

Language Lizard is pleased to make this series available in many languages on the Language Learning Market.