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Language Lizard Supporting Literacy in Multilingual Communities

Children are inspired to learn languages and connect with other cultures when they are exposed to fun and creative learning materials early on in their lives. With the right resources, teachers in diverse classrooms can create culturally responsive teaching spaces so students of all backgrounds will feel welcome, respected, and included.

With that in mind, Language Lizard was founded in 2005 to make creative, effective, and fun language products available to promote language learning and support immigrant communities. The company offers English-only and bilingual resources in over 50 languages including both popular and less commonly spoken languages.


The Language Lizard Living in Harmony Book Series, which celebrates diversity, kindness, and friendship, includes the titles Be Kind, We Can All Be Friends, and Who Are We? These beautifully illustrated books include diverse characters and settings from around the world, allowing children to see themselves in the book and learn about the world around them.


Another popular series is the Language Lizard Idiom Series which explains common English idioms through animals, colors, food, and nature that makes them easy to understand. The series include: The Lion’s Share, With Flying Colors, Icing on the Cake and Fresh As A Daisy. Each book is available as an English-only or bilingual book which offers the meaning and literal translation of each idiom in a second language to support English language learners.


Language Lizard is pleased to make both of these series available in many languages on the Language Learning Market.