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Learn more about Papaton Kids

Papaton Kids is a family business owned by Anna and Anton Ten. The idea came to us when at night our daughter Diana started to play with the shadows from the phone flashlight. That gave the start to a new form of family entertainment - a playset for creating light and shadow shows Papaton Shadow Theater.

At the core of the Papaton Shadow Theater lies the idea of healthy ways of using technology. In our products, a phone helps kids in their active game, creating additional atmosphere, but not replacing it. Technology is part of our world and kids growing up with access to technology in a healthy way is something we believe to be a good thing and want to help parents realize that technology is not at all bad for a child if it’s used wisely.

Quality is another important characteristic of our products. The glow in children’s eyes and parents’ joy as they give their kids our games as a gift – this is what we think about before going to press.

Our first product, the Papaton Shadow Theater, won the hearts of thousands of kids and parents around the world. It comes with over 30 characters and props to enact four well-know fairy tales including Little Red Riding HoodThe Three Little PigsThe Tortoise & The Hare and The Lion & The Mouse. The creative fun continues with a fifth story titled Once Upon a Time through which kids create their own stories aided by additional included props and characters! The accompanying app includes fairy tale scripts in 8 languages (Am. English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Br. English, Russian), original orchestral music and lights for the shows. Papaton Shadow Theater is perfect for developing creativity and narrative storytelling skills, promotes active play and gives kids a unique theatrical experince.

Papaton Shadow Theater has won five international awards:

It was also featured in USA Today as one of the hottest holiday toys 2021.