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Meet Julian!

Employee Spotlight

“If I could get rid of one state, it would be Oklahoma.”


Meet Julian!

Whether he’s shooting videos, cooking to fuel his 21-year-old dream of being a chef, or traveling with his wife and kids, Julian is always pushing himself to grow. “You have to keep going, you can’t lose your touch.”


1. Tell me about your background and why language / language learning is important to you? I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, a small town not too far from the Mexican border and 95% Hispanic population. I grew up in a culture where Spanish was the first language, and until I was 14, that’s all I spoke. When I began learning English, I realized how important it was to know both, or even multiple, languages. Language learning is important because it immerses you in other cultures.

2. What inspired you to join LLM? After realizing the importance of language learning through first-hand experience, I saw the necessity for language learning for future generations who will have the tools I didn’t have growing up.

3. How have you grown or evolved since joining LLM? (professionally, personally, etc.) I came in with a set of tools that I’m good with, like creative work and marketing. Since joining LLM, my understanding of business, such as dealing with international vendors and learning IT, has grown. On a personal level, I have become a stronger communicator and how I deal with obstacles.

4. What makes LLM a great place to work? The collaboration within our group and working with people who are motivated makes this a great place to work. Allison and the women in our core group are driven and completely on it, and that inspires me to keep pushing myself.

5. What is a professional highlight of your career at LLM thus far? A professional highlight of mine is being involved with all the different moving parts of this company. It has helped me to grow and it makes the job exciting. There’s something new every day, which I like because I have always been excited to tackle something different.

6. What is a goal you have for LLM? (personally, or company-wide) I would like to keep the company growing and to continue making a difference. I would find it very rewarding to hear success stories from parents and educators about how we have helped them with language learning for their kids, or from vendors who we’re able to grow their business through us.

7. What would you want prospective employees to know about building a career at LLM? We are here to inspire people and to help them grow– they have a voice to say what they want to say, regardless of age and experience, and we are open to listening to all ideas. You never know when someone is going to say something that changes the company.