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Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home

Want to teach your children Arabic, but don’t know where to start? Let’s discover 12 products that will help parents create an Arabic immersion at home!

Arabic Alphabet Wooden Blocks

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home - Language Learning Market

One of the very first steps when learning a new language is to become familiar with the alphabet. With these Arabic alphabet blocks from Arabicubes, the learning process will be interesting and effortless. Each cube is 1 letter in all its forms so the child tries to identify the right letter/cube first and then turn the cube to find the right form of the letter. 

Parents can also create various learning activities for their children through these Arabic letter blocks such as identifying letters or building different words. The blocks also come with support learning materials which are printable activity sheets to start writing words using the blocks.

Puzzle Learning Kit

If you are looking for fun learning resources, these Arabic puzzles from Kalandara are for you. With 3 language offerings (Indonesian, English, Arabic), these puzzles will help your children strengthen vocabulary about different occupations without any effort. 

The kit is easy and fun to play with, even for toddlers. And the whole family can enjoy the learning process and help make it fun for your kids.

Alphabet puzzles

Another choice for parents is these Arabic alphabet puzzles. The puzzles in Arabic will help your kids know how to identify all forms of Arabic letters. There are 28 puzzles, each containing 3 pieces to match the beginning, middle, and end of each Arabic letter. Each image printed on the puzzle begins with the related Arabic letter.

The set is digital so you can download and print it easier to play and learn with your kids. Moreover, a guide about the Arabic alphabet, vowels, images, and translation is provided.

Arabic digital bundle

With this Arabic pack activity, your kids can enhance their reading skills with Arabic children's books. Moreover, your kids can also practice reading with videos and 3 worksheets. The set comes with different themes such as Nature and Beyond, Famous Historical, Around The World, Taking Care of, and Stories We Love. It will help your children develop vocabulary in several topics. 

Parents can download learning materials including 3 Arabic learning books, a video, and 3 worksheets, and enjoy the learning process with their kids.

Basic Vocabulary Boom Cards

Are you looking for educational games or worksheets to teach your kids Arabic? All of these activities come with this digital learning game bundle from Boom Card. Boom Card provides you with digital task cards which are interactive and fun and include audio, images or video files.

With each card, your kids can do different tasks such as drag and drop, fill in the blank, matching, and multiple-choice questions along with colorful images. Moreover, students can hear the correct pronunciation of words while they work. 

With Boom Card, your children can develop skills in reading, listening, writing, spelling, grammar, and more. The games are digital so they are easy to set up, can be played anywhere.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home - Language Learning Market

Musical Books for Kids

Including music in the learning process will make it more interesting! With these bilingual children’s books which include musical instruments and nursery rhymes, your kids can get familiarized with Arabic alphabets and phonetics. 

The set includes 2 books which are suitable for children up to age 7. Each page contains a button that allows children to play a melody so they will be able to discover, sing, and learn these songs independently. Each nursery rhyme is written in both Arabic and phonetic Arabic.

Arabic flashcards

Don't know how to start teaching your kids Arabic? These flashcards will help your kids learn the Arabic alphabet in English. Each pack includes 26 cards which are written in Indonesian, English, and Arabic. Each card is printed with the upper and lowercase alphabet along with interesting illustrations.

Parents can use these flashcards to teach their kids to recognize objects, recognize letters until they start learning to read. They are easy to use and fun!

Printable activities

If you are looking for various educational games to learn Arabic, this activity pack is for you. The set comes with 11 different games which will familiarize your kids with the alphabet and numbers in Arabic. Your children can choose to play the Arabic alphabet puzzle, Cut and Paste shapes to numbers, and different winter-themed games.

The Winter Edition of the Arabic Letter and Number activity pack will make learning Arabic numbers and letters easier for your kids.

Vocabulary board game

Another choice for parents who are looking for educational games for their children is the Arabic Vocabulary Board Game from Vokalimat. Vokalimat is a 2-in-1 fun board game for the family and a modular kit for Arabic teachers. 

The set is intended to help children in expanding their vocabulary. The two-sided board with 96 "vocabulary" cards allows you to customize the length and complexity of your Vokalimat game. Since the games are suitable for both children and adults, the whole family can play together and learn Arabic effortlessly!

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home - Language Learning Market

Number game

Inspired by a popular traditional play in Tunisia, this Arabic number card game from CHKOBBA KIDS is an interactive and fun way to learn to count and discover the Eastern and Western Arabic numerals.

Each box includes 40 cards with Arabic and Indian numbers 1 to 10 and 14 sets of rules in 7 languages (French, Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, German, and Dutch). Parents can play with their children and help them learn about numbers in Arabic.

Book set

Learning to read is one of the common challenges when raising bilingual children. With this Arabic learning book set, the learning process will be easier. The pack includes 7 different books about friendship which will help your children expand their vocabulary on various topics. With cute illustrations, this book set will make the reading time more enjoyable with your kids.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Arabic at Home - Language Learning Market

Magnetic Labels

To completely bring Arabic to your home, using these magnetic labels from X-bet MAGNET is one of the best options. It is easy to stick them everywhere, and the magnets are reusable. Parents can create several activities with these labels such as labeling objects in Arabic, writing alphabets in Arabic on them, or using them as decoration.

When buying this product, you are also provided with Black Dry Erase Marker for easy writing on labels.

Here are our recommendations to help parents create an Arabic immersion experience in their homes. You can also check out Language Learning Market to find more resources for learning and teaching Arabic.