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Starter Kit for Kids to Learn English at Home

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn English at Home

Feeling overwhelmed about how to start teaching your children English at home? Here are 10 products to start creating an English immersion experience!

Foam Magnetic Letters and Figures

Are you looking for a fun, simple, and intriguing way to learn? This X-bet MAGNET educational toy set is for you! Your child may learn the alphabet more quickly and in a fun way thanks to the colorful, humorous, and multi-colored magnetic set. With 78 magnetic letters, your kids can practice making words and phrases in English. This set will aid your child in boosting memorization, learning, and strengthening motor skills.

You can use these magnetic labels to stick around your house and their eye-catching colors and fun designs will attract the attention of your children. This item is a good start to immerse your children in English at home.

Educational Poster Set

If you are looking for English posters for classroom or homeschooling, then these English educational posters are ideal for you. Each set comes with 6 posters covering different topics such as: counting to 20, shapes, the English alphabet, months of the year, colors of the rainbow, and days of the week. Your kids can learn various simple English words without any effort. The design is colorful and attractive so parents can use the posters as decoration for their kids’ bedrooms. 

The item is digital so you can print them with different sizes and materials due to your needs. For example, you can hang the posters in your kids’ room or print them out on canvas to use as tablecloths!

KLOO's Kids Reading Game

Reading is made easier with this reading game for KLOO. Even before they can write, KLOO's innovative color-coded cards help children learn to read and form their first phrases. They can win lovely animal picture cards as they play, which all connect to build a larger picture to catch the elusive Reading Bug. It's motivating and entertaining, and it helps your youngster go to the next level of reading.

This collection includes four reading games: 'Animal Pairs,' 'Jungle Memory,' 'Catch the Bug,' and 'Jumble Jungle.' It is fun for a whole family to play with, which will make your kids’ learning more enjoyable.

Alphabet Tracing Sheets

Learning the alphabet is always the first and most important step when starting a new language. With these tracing sheets, your kids can practice memorizing letters and how to write them. Your child can color a non-traditional animal on each of the 26 pages and have the opportunity to learn about some of these fascinating species. The sheets are digital so you can print as much as you want to have your kids practice daily.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn English at Home - Language Learning Market

Numbers 1-10 Tracing Boards

Are you finding a fun way to help your kids learn counting in English? Check out this numbers tracing board. 20 double-sided tiles can be used to learn to count and recognize numbers in a variety of ways. The written number is on the first side. The number is represented by dots on the second side. The number's spelling appears on side three, while graphics symbolizing the number appear on the last side.

There are endless activities you can come up with for your kids with these boards: matching, counting, tracing, and so on.

English children’s book

If you are looking for bilingual children’s books, this book about Jack and the Beanstalk is for you. Jack and the Beanstalk is a classic fairy tale that teaches our children about overcoming adversity and making the best of what they have from an early age. This fascinating modern rendition with wonderful artwork takes them through the story in a fun way, with selected colored text to help your little one learn to recognize words.

Furthermore, you can record their voices so that your children can hear them tell these stories over and over again. Every page has a sound button to listen to the recording, and you can also make your book bilingual by obtaining free audio in other languages at Cali's Books.

Montessori Alphabet Tracing Board

Learning how to write English correctly is much easier with this alphabet tracing board. The English alphabet is engraved into a wooden board made of high-quality and solid beech wood. Tracing the letters with a finger or a wooden pencil helps to enhance motor skills in general. With concentration and effort, your kids can learn while playing. It is perfect for homeschooling or to start creating an immersive English experience at your home!

English classroom posters

Let’s redecorate your children's rooms with these colorful English classroom posters. The poster set includes various topics for your toddlers such as the English alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of a week, and months of the year.

The English Educational Poster Set is digital so you can easily print and hang it. With sweet and funny designs, the poster set can make your kids’ learning easier and more enjoyable.

English Playset

An English language toy that makes your kids’ learning fun is this bilingual Wooden Kitchen Toy from Wordy. The EnSALADa pretend playset is much more than just a toy. It provides a highly interesting learning tool that your beloved little one will want to play with over and over. You can trust that child-safe paints and inks are used.

With a unique double-sided design, the wooden toys can enhance bilingual language exposure in English and English and support visual/verbal word association. Moreover, with a theme of food and kitchen, it can also help promote healthy eating habits. Fun to play and easy to learn!

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn English at Home - Language Learning Market

Alphabet Flashcards

If you are looking for printable English flashcards, these digital flashcards are for you! Each image shows a lively animal character with clear letters in upper and lower case and the name of the animal, allowing your kids to learn vocabulary about animals and memorize the alphabet at the same time. 

Using flashcards can help develop good and effective communication, enhances creativity, and is a great step in creating an immersive language learning environment at home. 

Here are our recommendations to help parents create an English immersion experience in their home for preschoolers and early elementary. You can also check out Language Learning Marketplace to find more resources for learning and teaching English.