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Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home

Feeling overwhelmed about how to start teaching your children French at home? Here are ten products to start creating a French immersion experience at home!

Macaroons Playset

This bilingual Wooden Kitchen Toy from Wordy is a delightful game that makes learning entertaining for your kids. It's a fun learning tool that your child will want to play with again and over again. You may rest assured that only child-safe paints and inks have been used.

The wooden toys, which have a distinctive double-sided construction, can help with bilingual language exposure in French and visual/verbal word association. Furthermore, with a food and kitchen motif, it might promote healthy eating habits. It's a lot of fun to play and learn!

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home - Language Learning Market

French Audiobook Player

Are you looking for a French children's book? This audiobook will bring various stories to your kids! The player comes with a preloaded album of 48 stories called Suzanne and Ben in English, French, or Spanish. Moreover, every month, Lunii offers new audio albums with multiple stories to develop children's auditory memory, imagination, and vocabulary.

It is lightweight and easy to carry so that you can bring it along on long trips and day-to-day routines & adventures. Anytime, anywhere your children can enjoy amazing stories and naturally pick up French words!

French Learning Activity Book

If you are finding a french learning book that contains all you need to familiarize your kids with French, this printable French activity book is for you! Introductions in French, Greetings in French, Numbers in French, Colors in French, and the Alphabet in French are among the topics covered. Your kids will be encouraged and inspired by a twenty-page French activity book with fascinating learning tasks and charming graphics.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home - Language Learning Market

3 Book Set - Living in Harmony Series

It is critical to establish a regular practice of French study for your children, as everyday exposure can help them learn more quickly. Incorporating reading into learners' daily routines is one approach to do so. Preschoolers can build a strong literacy foundation with these multilingual children's books.

This set comes with three titles:

  • Be Kind shows many ways to help others with simple acts of kindness.
  • We Can All Be Friends shows how much we have in common even though we are all different.
  • Who Are We? helps us to understand and appreciate the diversity in our community.

With the combination of colorful multicultural illustrations and simple text, these books in English and French give your kids a basic understanding of diversity, kindness, and friendship.

Bilingual Posters Set

Using educational posters to decorate your kids’ room will be a great start to creating French immersion at home. This set of 3 bilingual language posters with words written in English and French will help your children learn both languages. The main theme of the poster set includes number posters with numbers 1 -20, Colour and shape posters.

The French Educational Poster Set is digital so you can easily print and hang it. With sweet and funny designs, the poster set can make your kids’ learning easier and more enjoyable.

French Colours Flashcards

Flashcards are always one of the most effective learning methods for all levels when learning a new language. With these French color flashcards, children may learn about different shades in both English and French. The flashcards are bright and simple to use; hang them up around the house or use them to play games with your kids. Your children may easily memorize color vocabulary with this set of eight hand-drawn flashcards!

French Spring Activity Bundle

Feeling overwhelmed to immerse your kids in French? Try these interesting french games from this activity bundle! Each pack will include an activity sheet with quadrants for kids to write the name of the seasons and draw a picture of something they like to do in each; a blank butterfly sheet; and 8 fun, original spring-themed coloring sheets.

It is ideal for kids between 4 and 8 who are learning French. Your kids can learn several words about Spring while playing with these activities.

French Felt Alphabet and Numbers

A French number game and word game can help your children learn vocabulary in a fun and effective way. The French ABC Alphabet Letters & Numbers set assists children in learning to read, write, and spell in French. It's also a great grip for toddlers to slide rainbow letters and numbers around with ease.

The Felts Alphabet and Numbers include:

  • Felt background approximately 3x3 ft
  • 12 sets of rainbow numbers
  • 12 sets of rainbow Spanish letters

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home - Language Learning Market

French Card Game

For many people, learning a new language is a difficult task. Some students are concerned about tests, while others are disappointed by their inability to comprehend the language. KLOO adopts a distinct method, which results in a different outcome.

You'll begin studying and speaking French the moment you take your first step. You'll be making sentences and learning vocabulary to score points in seconds. You can begin as a complete novice. Players are frequently shocked by how much they have picked up in a natural way inside a single game.  KLOO is a game that turns language into a game. It implies that there will be no work, no studying, and no worry. All you have to do is play and have fun, and you'll quickly and effortlessly take up the language.

EnSALADa Playset

Are you looking for the ideal educational toy for at-home use? EnSALAda high-quality bilingual salad set is ideal. The Ensalada is much more than a toy; it works on numerous levels to provide a highly interesting learning tool that your beloved little one will want to play with over and over. You can trust that we utilize child-safe paints and inks.

With the theme of foods and cooking, the playset will encourage good dietary habits, imaginative play, social-emotional development, and cultural exposure. English/Spanish, English, and English/French are all available.

Flockmen Natural Play-Doh

This playdough will enhance your kids' imagination. A mother with two daughters constructed the playdough set from edible materials. Eight different nature-inspired colors are included in the collection, which is packaged in airtight tin jars. It is designed to be safe for both our children and the environment. The playdough can be composted, and the packaging can be recycled.

There are several ways to utilize this item to make your children’s learning process more enjoyable. For example, parents can play with their kids, using playdough to shape different objects and teach their kids how to spell these things.

Beehives Game of Skill

Are you finding fun to play with your kids? Try this beehives game! Six different colored bees (red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and blue) pair up with a hive will create a realistic beehive scene! Children will strengthen their fine motor skills by matching the bee to its hive using the pincer grasp or forceps, bringing them closer to nature and appreciating everything that bees provide for us. Color awareness and counting are reinforced through play.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn French at Home - Language Learning Market

Here are our recommendations to help parents create an Arabic immersion experience in their homes. You can also check out Language Learning Market to find more resources for learning and teaching French.