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Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home

Feeling overwhelmed on how to start teaching your children Spanish at home? Here are fifteen products to start creating a Spanish immersion experience!

Puzzle set

If you are looking for puzzles in Spanish, this Spanish - English sea puzzle set from The Wordy is an ideal option. The word puzzle games have a unique double-sided design for a bilingual experience and have cute animal shapes. It is also a fun and easy way to teach animals in Spanish for kids because the verbal and visual association that is built while engaging with a Wordy toy helps to establish the foundation for literacy.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home - Language Learning Market

Spanish Educational Poster Set

Let’s re-decorate your children's rooms with these colorful Spanish classroom posters. The poster set includes various topics for your toddlers such as Spanish alphabet printable, count from 1 to 100 in Spanish, Spanish feelings chart, Math Symbols, Days of the week, etc. 

The Spanish Educational Poster Set is digital so you can easily print and hang it. With sweet and funny designs, the poster set can make your kids’ learning easier and more enjoyable.

Spanish English Bilingual Posters

A multi-language poster can capture your children’s interest and boost the visualization engagement which will contribute to the literacy foundation. A set of 3 bilingual language posters with words written in English and Spanish are printable, easy to use, and attractive to your kids. Preschoolers can learn how to count 1 to 10 in Spanish as well as learn about shapes and colors through these posters.

Spanish Activity Pack

Are you looking for Spanish language toys to help your kids enjoy the learning process? This Descubre Early Learner box is for you! Each pack includes various fun activities to familiarize your children with different vocabularies such as train, colors, seasons, sports, and animals. Preschoolers can enjoy reading bilingual books, doing different activities and crafts, or utilizing learning tools with a whole family. Moreover, the pack also creates music engagement since not only can you read the book but you can also sing along to it. Connecting new words with funny rhythms promisingly strengthens your kids’ memory.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home - Language Learning Market

With the Spanish Activity Pack, the learning process is no longer for your children only, but whole families can enjoy playing games together.

Spanish/ English 3 Book Set

Starting a daily habit of Spanish learning for your children is important since daily exposure can improve your kids’ learning process. One way to do that is to involve reading in learners’ daily routines. With these bilingual children’s books, preschoolers can have a literacy foundation without any effort. 

This set comes with three titles:

  • Be Kind shows many ways to help others with simple acts of kindness.
  • We Can All Be Friends shows how much we have in common even though we are all different.
  • Who Are We? helps us to understand and appreciate the diversity in our community.

With the combination of colorful multicultural illustrations and simple text, these books in English and Spanish give your kids a basic understanding of diversity, kindness, and friendship.

Spanish Physical Flashcards

Using flashcards to learn a new language is always one of the most effective learning tools for all levels. With these Spanish vocabulary flashcards, children can learn about household items in both English and Spanish. The flashcards are colorful and easy to use - stick them up around your home or use them to play with your children. 

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home - Language Learning Market

With this set of 8 hand-drawn flashcards, your children can memorize vocabulary words around the house with little effort! 

Printable Flashcards

If you are looking for printable Spanish flashcards, these digital watercolor flashcards are for you! The product consists of a card with the picture with a word label, a card of the picture, and a card with the word label. Applying the Montessori concept, the flashcards help your children internalize the information on the cards.

The main theme of flashcards is Spanish animals. You can enjoy the learning process with your kids using the flashcards or use them as decoration for your house. A very good step to create Spanish immersion in your home!

Handwriting Practice Worksheet

These practice worksheets are useful to create handwriting activities for preschoolers. The Spanish vowels worksheets are a lot of fun for kids to do at home or in school, and they help children learn the basic sounds using handwriting activities. Handwriting and practice worksheets are included, as well as one coloring sheet for each vowel.

With the digital version, you can easily print the worksheets for your children to practice repeatedly.

Printable Worksheet

Another choice for educational poster printable is this Spanish Ocean Animals worksheet. With a colorful design and doodle illustrations to describe sea creatures, the worksheet is fun to play in your children's free time. 

Since this is a digital version, you can easily print the worksheet out for different purposes.

Felt Alphabet and Numbers

A Spanish number game and word game can help your children learn vocabulary in a fun and effective way. The set of Spanish ABC Alphabet Letters & Numbers helps kids learn to read, write and spell. It's also the ideal grip for toddlers to easily slide rainbow letters and numbers around.

The Felts Alphabet and Numbers include:

  • Felt background approximately 3x3 ft
  • 12 sets of rainbow numbers
  • 12 sets of rainbow Spanish letters

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home - Language Learning Market

Memory Card Game

Children may learn Spanish and English while having fun and playing with this bilingual Memory Card Game.

This is how to play: to find a match, turn the cards over and pick up two at a time. Each pair includes artwork of a humorous fruit doing something ridiculous, as well as an English and Spanish translation of the explanation.

Each game comes with 24 cards printed on a sturdy sheet and a handprinted cotton drawstring bag! Through this interesting game, your kids can enhance their vocabulary of fruits and vegetables.

Wooden Kitchen Toys

Another Spanish language toy in this list is this bilingual Wooden Kitchen Toy from Ensalada. The Ensalada is much more than a toy. It provides a highly interesting learning tool that your beloved little one will want to play with over and over. You can trust that we utilize child-safe paints and inks.

With a Unique double-sided design, the wooden toys can enhance bilingual language exposure in English and Spanish and support visual/verbal word association. Moreover, with a theme of food and kitchen, it can also help promote healthy eating habits. Fun to play and easy to learn!

Spanish Book Set 

If you are looking for a Spanish children’s book, this book set is an ideal option! The pack of 10 non-fiction books for kids in Spanish and English language will help your kids improve early literacy skills. 

Moreover, these bilingual children’s books can strengthen vocabulary in many topics such as family, shapes, animals, seasons, senses, etc.

Magnetic Labels

Dry Erase Magnetic Labels are perfect to teach your children in a fun way since they are easy to move around and play with. Each set includes 30 labels with different designs.

Parents can creatively use these labels to create several learning activities such as word matching or rearranging sentences. You can also use it for labeling storage shelves, labeling cabinets, whiteboards, magnet labels on the fridge, toolboxes, teaching aids, etc.

Educational Wooden Toy

And last but not least in this list is the Educational Wooden Toy sorting bus. With these Spanish learning toys, children can strengthen their vocabulary about colors and shapes. As they insert each block into the corresponding hole, children will gain shape and pattern identification via play. Pull the tab on top of the bus once all the blocks are in place, and all the pieces will slide out the back. By pushing the sorting bus along with its draw rope, children will enjoy bringing it to their favorite destinations.

Starter Kit for Kids to Learn Spanish at Home - Language Learning Market

Serving as a push-and-pull toy, children can both actively play with this vehicle and also develop their mathematical, problem-solving, fine motor, and communication skills simultaneously. Three colored blocks, a bus driver, and a pullable bus are included in this set.

Here are our recommendations to help parents create a Spanish immersion experience in their home for preschoolers & early elementary. You can also check out Language Learning Marketplace at to find more resources for learning and teaching Spanish.