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Teaching Arabic to Kids Ages 2-5 Yrs

Our best tools for Arabic kids

Have you noticed your little ones are growing up very quickly? It even shows that their brain has a lot more potential than before. As they get older, it’s always time for a change from sizing up new clothes to preparing them for preschool. Toddlers are beginning to understand their surroundings more and are able to speak through their first words. With all these changes, it’s also a must to keep their language skills increasing. I’m sure most kids remember reading picture books to sing along with their parents, now it’s time to upgrade their vocabulary. We compile the best language learning toys for toddlers made perfect by the time they reach preschool.

Storybooks are still the best way to teach kids a new language. This time, kids can acknowledge more words and letters from previous teachings and picture books. Increasing their vocabulary will be the best for toddlers growing up as they start to learn about different situations such as making friends and figuring out their own problems by the time, they reach preschool. Moving to stories compared to picture books of alphabets and numbers will help the little one learns more about their surroundings and new skills not just from learning a new language. One of the great ones is “The Best Friends Series,” where different stories teach kids how one can find their own path and learn to fix the conflict. It’s a great start for young kids knowing they will be able to understand more about themselves and their feelings from books in Arabic.

Workbooks are another great example to increase their writing skills. In time, kids will be able to learn to write, and giving them a head start on how to write their alphabets in Arabic will be a necessity. A great Arabic workbook called, “My Journey with Alphabets,” gives toddlers a chance to write down their alphabets and coloring sheets for more fun. It’s a great way to teach them to write and improve their Arabic skills. They even feature memory worksheets and connections with objects to their corresponding names in Arabic.

Maybe your kids discover they prefer more animations than reading books. It’s always a good idea to teach your kids the best way they can learn. One of these products we recommend is the "Arabic DVD set,” where it’s not just entertainment, but puppets and animations bring language learning to life. They have a list of vocabulary with follow-along storytelling for kids to connect the dots between letters and their sounds. It’s highly recommended for those who have more trouble listening from reading books compared to visual effects.

Activities and toys are the best examples to teach toddlers about Arabic, as they start to talk more and notice their surroundings. From books to DVDs, these are some great ways to help bond together with them. In no time, they’ll be able to understand more vocabulary and increase their memory and problem-solving skills in the future-ready for school and building friendships.