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Top 10 Chinese Learning Resources

Chinese Language Resources for Beginners

There are so many resources out there for Chinese language learners. With hundreds of options, it can be confusing to know which ones to use. Hopefully, this list solves that problem! Here is a list of the 10 best Chinese language learning resources!


1. Glossika

Learn to Speak Mandarin Fluently and Effectively. Absorb Mandarin patterns and speak Mandarin naturally with Glossika. Glossika's audio-based training improves your listening and speaking at native speed. From when I tried this for Taiwanese Hokkien (certain endangered languages are free to learn), it had good audio and the lessons were very effective.

2. Du Chinese | Chinese Reading Skills, Listening Comprehension | Language Learning

Start reading Chinese today. Du Chinese is a powerful tool that makes learning Chinese simple and effective. Our built-in features let you practice your Chinese naturally, with assistance provided as you need it.

My classmates often use this one. It is a very good source for reading materials and they enjoy the built-in dictionary. Sometimes it can feel like I am not really learning anything, so picking up a book at my level in Chinese and trying to read it puts my learning in perspective.

3. Ninchanese | Course & Games | Learn Chinese | Language Learning

Ninchanese brings you the best of technology and gamification, through a well-shaped learning curriculum and bite-sized stages that will take you to a beginner to a fluent level in Chinese.

I used to use this when learning from my textbook was just too boring because Ninchanese is much more entertaining.


4. HelloChinese | Learning Chinese | Language Learning

HelloChinese is the most fun and effective app for learning Mandarin Chinese. Designed in a fun and highly effective way, it helps you learn Chinese Mandarin fast from zero to a conversational level.

This one covers all the essential basics of learning Chinese: Writing, reading, grammar, and speaking in a similar way to Duolingo or Skritter.


5. Fluentu | Foreign Language Videos | Language Immersion Online.

FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos! Learn a language with music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks.

I found their articles about learning tips very useful and encouraging.


6. Hack Chinese

Hack Chinese is an online SRS-based platform that provides students with the tools they need to expand their Chinese vocabulary.

This resource considers when studying how long it had been since you learned a word or phrase with vocabulary lists from various textbooks.


7. Cheng & Tsui | Asian Books

For four decades, Cheng & Tsui has helped people of all ages explore Asia’s many contributions to the world. We collaborate closely with remarkable authors and educators to create language and culture materials that leave a lasting impact on learners.

The Integrated Chinese series textbooks were my textbooks in college. The characters have a background story, and the story continues to unfold as you go through each lesson in the four-book series.


8. Chinese | Mango Languages: Online Language Learning Software | Learn Conversational

Mango is the award-winning language-learning resource for individuals and organizations around the world. This is language learning centered around you. Learn over 70 new languages with our conversation-based lessons.

This is one I may have never tried if it were not for it being offered for free through my local civilian library, the community college I took dual credit courses at, and the Army MWR Library. It is very good, and I have been able to use it for free for the last four years.


9.  Chineasy

Learn Chinese easily. Chineasy is the natural first step for anyone who wants to understand China, Chinese culture, and its language. We offer Books, an App, Podcast, Videos, and more.

Multiple different resources for sale. I use their app and listen to their podcast.


10. Memrise | Learn Chinese| Online Language Learning | Video Courses | Flashcards & Native Speakers

Memrise is an online language learning platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards and video courses. Packed with thousands of video clips of native speakers speaking in their native language and in their hometown. My sister enjoys this one when she learns Japanese. I use this occasionally when I need to study as well. It is another game-based application.