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Top 10 Websites for Learning French

Speak French In No Time With These Resources

So, you want to learn French? Being the official language of 29 countries in the world, French is a useful and popular language to learn! Beginning to learn a new language can be intimidating, but with these online resources, you will be speaking French in no time!

1. Babbel

 Babbel is one of the best apps for language learning that is growing in popularity with its simple, quick, but effective lessons. The best thing about Babbel’s lessons is the convenience of it. If you do not have much time, this app makes it easy to complete short and fast French lessons in your free time or sit down and spend hours on the app at a time!

2. HelloTalk

If you already know some French and need practice with native speakers, HelloTalk is your perfect option! HelloTalk is a free social media application that you can use to connect with native French speakers that usually want to improve their English. They help your French, and you help with their English or another language. It’s a perfect match!

3. Forvo

Learning to correctly pronounce words and comprehend spoken French is one of the hardest but most important components of French. Forvo’s site has countless phrases for many different topics and their English translations. This is a great free website to train your ear to understand spoken French and practice repeating the pronunciations.

4. Kwiziq

You can start using Kwiziq at any level and it will regularly test your French knowledge to save your time by not reteaching the things you have already learned. Their technology allows your learning to be more personalized to what you need to work on and learn.


5. Français avec Pierre

If taking courses from a native French teacher is more your style, Français avec Pierre is a great resource. He offers many types of French classes and French learning resources on his website. Français avec Pierre can help you learn French as a beginner knowing how to say “Bonjour” or if you want to take your French to the next level!


6. Tex’s French Grammar

This website is full of free grammar explanations with quizzes at the end to test what you have learned. They also have countless free downloadable pdf lessons on just about any grammar topic you could think of. If you have had a hard time retaining understanding French grammar in other French courses, check this out!


7. Lingoda

If you are the type of language learner that needs to be in a class with a native teacher then Lingoda is for you! French can be hard to learn by teaching yourself even with the right resources. Lingoda offers classes with native speakers and you can either commit to a time upfront or take classes based off your schedule.


8. LingoHut

LingoHut is another free French learning resource with 125 audio lessons. Lingohut has written and audio translations of some of the most common phrases and words in 125 different topics. This is a great website to expand your French vocabulary and your spoken French comprehension.


9. Studycat

If you have a child that is learning French Studycat is a great way for them to learn by playing French language learning games. Their themed courses will keep your child engaged by having fun and they will be learning French at the same time!

10. Fluenz

Fluenz has hundreds of French video lessons tailored to English speakers. Their program explains the inner workings of French to reach an understanding and with time fluency in French. If you are an English-native speaker, this would be a great resource that is tailored to teach you based on your education in English.


If you want to look for more resources like these in French or any other language, check out Language Learning Market and find hundreds of language learning resources!