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When raising bilingual children, will my child mix and switch languages?

Why bilingual kids mix languages (code-mixing), and what you can do to help them.

For parents raising bilingual children, language mixing is often seen as a negative consequence of learning two languages simultaneously.

Unfortunately, many families are caught up in the myths of bilingualism, believing that children become confused learning multiple languages. Consequently, it sometimes leads to them dropping a language. Ask any parent with children learning multiple languages. Most will say they have experienced code-mixing at some point. It is nothing to be concerned about and can actually be a positive thing.

Bilingual kids use the vocabulary they have to express themselves

Because bilingual kids are learning two sets of vocabulary, they have double the amount of words to learn as their monolingual peers. When children are trying to express themselves, they use the vocabulary they know. Therefore, if they are lacking in one language, they will make it up with the other.