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Language Learning Market Newsroom


The McKinney-based online educational marketplace and language learning resource directory announced plans to open a $500,000 seed funding round effort as it looks to boost its platform. 
Jane Walker is supporting groundbreaking women entrepreneurs with the help of legendary women icons who were firsts in their industries. We are beyond proud to be recognized by Jane Walker and IFundWomen.
Whether he’s shooting videos, cooking to fuel his 21-year-old dream of being a chef, or traveling with his wife and kids, Julian is always pushing himself to grow. “You have to keep going, you can’t lose your touch.”
Growing up in the U.S. as a native Arabic speaker, Hamati learned the importance of language learning, which encouraged her to pursue marketing and International Business. 
Bilingualism is a gift that so many parents want to start giving their children as soon as possible. If you want to begin teaching your newborn French, the best way is to start introducing them to French. 
I was homeschooled as a kid, and I attribute some of my success in college to the education my parents were able to provide to me. My parents did an extraordinary amount of research on the best homeschool curriculums for all subjects, languages included.
So, you want to learn French? Being the official language of 29 countries in the world, French is a useful and popular language to learn!
This makes knowing Chinese incredibly useful whether you want to learn it for cultural reasons, business reasons, or just so you can communicate with 1.31 billion more people than before!  
I am a native English speaker who has taken Arabic classes in two different institutions. I typically do not like saying that I “know” Arabic, but I’ve studied it at a relatively advanced level. If you want to know how to learn Arabic in College, or about learning Arabic in general, this is the place for you!
Learning Chinese can be very daunting, and you might be left with a lot of questions. Trust me, I have been there! Learning any new language is difficult but many people tend to find Chinese particularly challenging.
Here are three ways that will a newborn child learning Arabic for the first time

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