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Papaton Kids

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Papaton Kids

Papaton Kids is a family California-based company owned by Anna and Anton Ten.

Anna is an experienced ESL teacher who has always been in love with teaching kids and creating activities for them, Anton has been in advertising for more than 20 years, working as a Creative Director.

The idea of creating Papaton Shadow Theater came to us when a new member appeared in our family – it was our daughter, Diana. One day we wanted to entertain her, we turned on the flashlight on the phone and the shadow appeared on the ceiling. Diana was amazed by it and started to play with the shadow immediately. That gave the start to the new form of family entertainment - a playset for creating light and shadow performances Papaton Shadow Theater. Playing with our daughter every day and testing our playset ideas gave us the strong feeling that we would like to devote ourselves to the kids' games and toys market.

We want little storytellers and actors of our home Papaton Shadow Theater to enjoy and share each moment spent with their parents in a creative process. We dream that you and your kids will fall in love with our Shadow Theatre just the way we once fell in love with this idea!

Let your children be creative, and you won’t believe how they will surprise you in the best way possible!

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