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Play and Learn Spanish with Language Learning Games

Play and Learn Spanish with Language Learning Games

By Allison Monroe
Jan 13, 2022

Imagine your children coming to you saying-“Hey! May we please have our learning time now?” or “I would like to have my lessons after dinner!” Yes, you read it right! If you are a teacher, you won’t have to poke your students to concentrate anymore. If you are a parent, you don’t have to run behind your child and force them to learn anymore. It’s a tricky job, Duh! But not at all impossible! You just need to twist the way of learning!

In this blog, we will talk about the second most spoken language- Spanish.

You can let your children learn the language with toys, games, Spanish counting 1 to 10, stickers, block games, colorful sheets, digital activities, etc.

Initially, you should really focus on the core vocabulary first. Pick up letters, then words used in day-to-day life. This will build your child’s confidence to start small conversations. You can use Spanish card games for them to know and recognize the objects.

Children will learn more and better if the process won’t be stressful. Learning should go with a smooth flow.

There are certain ways that can take the pressure off and make the learning routine fun!

Passive Learning 

You should not sit for hours and go through the lessons at once. Instead, make it more interesting with educational charts and posters, block games, posters, etc, to continue the passive learning throughout the day. The active way is a great way to learn, but the passive way makes it interesting and less strenuous. 

Switching Bed Time Stories 

Another way to include Spanish learning without forcing it is to switch your routine bed stories to Spanish stories. Make use of a children's audiobook player, a Spanish audio story for Children. You can read them Spanish stories from our collection and can do the translations. This was you can enhance their vocabulary. Also, this can help them with understanding the language on their own, as will work as a listening practice too! 

Make Learning Fun

The more they will be engaged, the more they will enjoy. The learning process shouldn’t be work for your child! Instead, it should be an activity. It should be more like a task for them. Use board games, card games, or any game according to the age of your child. Like, you can use a preschool Spanish number chart to make them learn to count numbers. You can ask your child to build 5 words, or they can simply arrange the blocks in alphabetical order.

This will help them with their cognitive skills and their creative aspects. 

The above ways are just a few among many tricks and ways that your child can earn and have fun at the same time. Our motive is to help the children learn as much as they can while enjoying their best. We have only one goal and that is to make your children learn, but we have several ways to achieve it!  

You can click here and check out the variety of activities and Spanish learning resources for kids. Also, we have different language learning tools; pick one or many for your child today!


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