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ABCs of Tamil for Kids
Welcome to ABCs of Tamil For Kids. We hope to help other families here introduce the Tamil language to their children with our digital products, games, as well as our interactive flashcard set as well.  Our goal is to make your child find Tamil just as natural and as easy as they find the English language out in these parts of the world. It is with language that you would be more successful in passing on your identity, culture, heritage and more to the next generation. And we hope to start the course for you. 
Welcome to  Alaabi , the premiere start-up specialized in the creation and manufacturing of  educational games  and  resources  inspired by the  Arabic culture  to make the teaching and  learning journey of the Arabic language fun!  My name is Hala Gharib, and I am the founder of Alaabi. I hold a Master's Degree in Translation (Arabic, French, English and Spanish). I created  Alaabi  (meaning “ My Toys ”) to support parents, teachers, speech therapists, social workers (in refugee camps) and any person who wants to learn this language in their teaching/learning journey. I strive to provide enriching and  high-quality  material that develops  children's curiosity  and  cognitive skills , creating an  immersive environment  that complements the language(s) spoken at home/school. Learning Arabic is FUN! Hala More
Alif2Yaa Publishing House creates high quality Arabic resources! Our mission is to make learning the Arabic language a fun, engaging and an enjoyable experience for every little learner!
Amigo Bilingue is a world of Latino characters designed to raise awareness about Latino cultural diversity and the importance of preserving the Spanish language. We provide Educational resources for home and classrooms to teach the Spanish language in a play-based methodology.
Hi :) In our shop you will find our original artwork, used to create (with lots of care) educational cards, charts, coloring pages, wall art and other printable material for kids, in several languages! Please keep in mind that all items sold in our shop are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Arabic Anonymous
Sometimes the brightest of ideas come when you least expect it.  Arabic Anonymous started out as a social initiative to provide income for talented mommies who want to contribute to the society while taking care of their little ones. With their background as educators and their love for the Arabic language, these mommies create resources and write curriculum books to meet the unique learning needs of our children.  Come and join us to reach AWESOMENESS in Arabic!
Arabic with Nichole
Simple Arabic Products  Minimal Design, Endless Possibilities.
Aramedia is a web based business, we offer live professional assistance before, during, and after your purchase. You may call and get helpful answers about any product we carry.  If we do not have a quick answer, we would get you the right answer from the source within hours. We are Customer Oriented and are here to help, whether you are making a purchase or not, we welcome your calls. AramediA is essential for institutional and individual integrators, solution providers, researchers, translators, educators, speakers of Middle Eastern based and other Foreign Languages. We provide  solutions for OCR, Machine Translation, and Speech Recognition technologies, Assistive Technology, Speech and Hearing Impaired American Sign Language (ASL), Learning, Writing, Foreign Language and Specialized Computer Keyboards, Entertainment Programs, and Fascinating Software and Multimedia. Our site is rich with "hard to get" products and information. Learning a language is easy, many sources to choose... More
Art by Emily Skinner
I am a London based illustrator and since graduating from The Royal College of Art I have worked on many publications for children including educational and picture books, as well as illustrating for greetings cards, gift wrap and fabric. After the birth of my two children I started creating paintings and illustration prints for children's bedrooms which I sold at local craft fairs and online, and two years ago I opened an online shop, and started focusing more on creating alphabet prints which became my bestsellers. I have in fact become quite obsessed with producing different themed alphabets such as a my Space Alphabet and Pirate Alphabet, and I love trying to come up with new ideas to make alphabets and learning letters fun for kids. During the Covid pandemic I also produced some printable educational sheets such as phonics and counting colouring sheets to help parents with home schooling. 
Hello! I am Isabella Chiara and I am somehow the inspiration behind baby-lingual. My mummy is Dutch, my daddy is Italian and they were living in Germany when I was born. We love reading books together, but my parents could not find any appropriate bilingual book for me. So they decided to design them themselves. This is how the baby-lingual concept started. We travel a lot and we have met sweet animal friends all over the world. We captured them in our first book. With our unique multilingual sticker concept, I can now identify them with both my mummy and daddy before being tucked into bed. More than 100 thousand language combinations are available, so we can share the fun with many of you. Not all children have access to literacy. It is unfair and makes me sad. This is why we support the Read to Grow foundation. They collect and donate books to schools in developing countries. We can offer our help thanks to heroes like yourselves. Together we can give more children a better... More
Babylon Kids
Educational Posters for Russian English bilingual kids
Beau & Blaze Creations
Thank you for taking a look at my shop! My name is Jackie, and I'm the mama of 2 beautiful boys. I am Puerto Rican, and though I understand most Spanish, I never got comfortable with speaking, so I've never been fully bilingual. When I became a mom, I realized how important it was for me to pass on our beautiful language. Not finding the tools and products I was looking for to help me bring more Spanish into our home, I decided to create them-- which is how my business was born. I love helping others raise bilingual children of their own, and show pride in our beautiful language and heritage with our bilingual products!
Bebe Bilingual
Bebe Bilingual is a collection of educational art introducing language and culture to children. These products teach colors, numbers, animals, food and more in Spanish, French and English. Custom orders welcome! My bilingual products include digital download flash cards, posters, placemats and more. A great soft introduction to a second language! Art copyright © Kimberly Schwede 2021. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with over 20 years of experience. An avid traveler, I’ve worked with organizations that empower women and kids in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tanzania, Israel and Dominican Republic. My love for travel, culture and kids is what inspired Bebe Bilingual. 
Becky's Sage Life
Welcome to Becky's Sage Life! My son, Hunter, is the inspiration behind all of my work.  He has always had a deep love of the alphabet, so much so that many of his days revolved around a "letter of the day", and we were always looking for fun ways to think about the alphabet.  Eventually his interests expanded into other topics such as space and geography.  Combining the alphabet with these other interests became a fun challenge for us, and we also realized there really weren't many themed alphabets available for us to utilize.  So I started making them!  Hunter is almost always a consultant in what is represented by each letter in a new alphabet creation, and we are always working on new alphabets!  We hope to eventually have an alphabet for every state, and maybe even every country!  We love learning about new places through the alphabet!  Hunter's favorite:  Canada
BhashaKids LLC
What is BhashaKids? We make bilingual resources in South Asian languages to help parents and language schools grow multilingual families.  We offer physical vocabulary flashcard sets: an easy, fun, and interactive screen-free, play-based  language immersion aid that you or a grandparent can practice with kids in 10 minutes . Flashcards are intended to be used by a native speaker, or person with familiarity of the language, to easily instruct kids. Our language collections include Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam in the following categories: numbers, colors and body parts. Flashcards are Montessori-inspired and Mom-designed : durable, colorful, simple and beautifully illustrated with representation in mind. Our motto is: Kids Learn Through Play ! Each vocabulary card has a fun activity to promote engagement and movement, which aids in retention. These products are designed to promote conversational skills. Learn through phonetic English - no need to read or write... More
Bible Pathway Adventures
Welcome to Bible Pathway Adventures®. We’re dedicated to helping parents and educators teach children a Biblical faith. Here you'll find creative, practical, classroom and Homeschool-tested resources to help you teach your children about the Bible. Our books are available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.
BiLiKids products are designed and made in the UK by two friends both parents of bi-lingual kids for all BiLiKids around the world. BiLiKids products help children learn multiple languages, away from screen whilst having fun. And it is also a great way for parents to learn a new language too... Look out for more fun and creative multi-lingual ideas over the next few weeks and if you have any feedback, ideas, or just want to say hi please email us at: We would love to hear from you. Thank you, Grazie, Merci, Gracias P.S. All illustrations by Anthony Rule ( P.P.S. Products are manufactured locally with low freight emission. FSC certified paper made with materials from sustainable forests and/or recycled sources. All packaging is certified wood, natural glue, bio-degradable, alternative ink (soy or vegetable oil rather than petroleum) and compostable.
Bilingo Books
We believe in the importance of raising multicultural kids. We embrace differences, languages, culture and creativity through our books and stories. We help bilingual kids be proud of their heritage.
Bilingual Phoenix
Mandarin Chinese & English Prints Homeschool Resources
Cali's Books
Based in Los Angeles, Cali's Books is a publishing house dedicated to introducing young children to the joyous world of reading and music. Our founder, Cali, is a mom of two who trained as an engineer and wants to foment child learning and development. Cali’s Books brings entertaining and stimulating musical books to children and toddlers. Babies and small children love pressing the sound buttons and listening to the lyrics and tunes. Our sturdy board books are a perfect introduction to words and music. From traditional nursery rhymes to popular tunes, classical music and holiday favorites, our books embrace a wide range of themes. They create special moments, as families and friends join together to read, sing and dance. Singing about animals will instill love, compassion and respect from your children towards all living creatures. ''I wanted to share my love for books with my baby when she was a few months old. I didn’t find any books that could capture her attention for more than a few... More