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The Bund Books

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The Bund Books

Our Mission

Our mission is to create fun, whimsical Chinese storybooks for children.

We recognize that parents who are raising Chinese learners outside of China don't have a lot of Chinese book options. Many of them need a little help on reading or brushing up on Chinese themselves. We are committed to making all of our materials accessible to non-native parents and caregivers.

What are our books about?

Our first series is called 小花园 (Little Garden) and features several adorable fruits and vegetables. Our first book, 小番茄 (The Little Tomato) is now available in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, with complementary digital resources such as an audio reading, printable, glossary and English translation. Our next book in the series, 小菠萝 (The Little Pineapple) is coming Spring 2022. 

What's our story?

The Bund Books was founded by a mom with a simple wish, when she became a mom to an adorable little boy. Her simple wish was to read to her son at bedtime in Chinese. She quickly found that this was a weirdly difficult wish to fulfill in the U.S. The menu of options seemed limited. She also knew she was probably going to be the person reading the books to her son about 500 different times and wanted books that were fun, and books that would help her on Chinese characters she'd forgotten over the years. Well, the rest was history, as they say.